Being Auntie Jessie!

auntie-jessieI get to love four of the most amazing kiddos I have ever laid eyes on! From baseball games and football games, to chasing my T-Rex around the living room, and to video chats because one lives just too far away, I am the happiest girl in this world. I got to watch my littlest loves take their first steps, and I got to watch my bigger loves become better baseball and football players! The laughter I get to hear when ever I see my loves, warms my heart and always makes me smile. Being the oldest sister out of 3 girls I am the only one who doesn’t have any kids yet, so getting to be an aunt gives me lots of practice for when I do become a mommy. My two younger sisters gave me my first niece and nephew, and my husband introduced me to his nephews who became my nephews. I get to watch four amazing kiddos grow up to be amazing adults. From a year and a half old little girl to a 13-year-old teenage boy, I sure do have my hands full, but I wouldn’t trade my position as auntie for the world. I get to see each of them follow their dreams and achieve their goals and it makes my heart so happy when they get to where they want to be.

Thanks to my sisters and to an amazing sister-in-law, I get to experience the greatest love I never thought I could experience. I get to be the biggest fan at baseball and football games, I get to feel the joy they feel for home runs and touch downs, but I also gotta be the shoulder to cry on when the games don’t go so great. I get to do video chats because of long distance that are always about tractors. My favorite thing is bath time with my little T-Rex, she absolutely loves her bath time and we always have to make the best of it!

Getting to be Auntie Jessie is my greatest blessing, and I thank God every day for little ones he has brought into my life. I love my babies and I can’t wait to watch them grow into amazing adults. The smiles I get to see when they see me makes my heart happy.



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