June 11, 2016


Oh boy was I nervous! Let’s start with the night before my wedding day. It was me my two sisters and my cousin just chilling and being girls, but of course my mind was elsewhere. I just kept thinking I’m gonna be a married woman tomorrow. I also just wanted to be able to sleep next to me soon to be husband, but my momma said nope it was bad luck. I barely got any sleep the night before because my lovely niece decided she needed attention, but surprisingly I wasn’t tired, I was excited, nervous, and ready to see my husband at the end of the aisle. The morning of we were all up with mimosa’s in hand, and then we were headed out the door.

At the venue we, it was time to get ready and do the girly thing with makeup, and dresses. We had wine talked and relaxed before I had to make the walk down the window. Pictures were taken and memories were made, and I knew everything was gonna be just fine!

That’s until I head the rain! Did I mention my wedding ceremony was partially outdoors. I just about started to panic when my officiate told me don’t worry they got it covered! By covered he meant they just flipped the ceremony around so everyone would be under the pavilion, and no one would get wet! Thank goodness for all the quick minded people who were there to help.

Few more minutes passed and it was time to make my entrance. The bay door started to open, and there was my main squeeze waving at me to hurry up! Of course I took my time and walked with the music, he was so impatient. When I made it by his side everything and everyone just faded away, and it was just us. Just us making our promises to each other, to always choose each other and to be together forever. We became one and life got that much better!

It has been eight months and three days since we said “I Do,” and today is our first Valentine’s day as husband and wife, and there is no other man I would want to spend the day with! He is my other half, my rock, and my best friend! He’s my everything!



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