Bailey and the Upside Down Day

Today Bailey woke up, and hung her head off the side of her bed. When she did she noticed her room looked a lot more interesting, and a lot less boring. She realized being upside down gave everything a whole new perspective, and she needed a new look at life. Things just weren’t the same lately, and she needed a life refresher.

So Bailey went through her normal morning routine, she ate her breakfast, checked her emails, started her yoga, then paused when she did a handstand. She decided that today was going to be an upside down day. It was a good day to have a life refresher. Bailey left her tiny loft doing a handstand.

She went to her normal coffee stop, getting plenty of looks along the way. The¬†looks she saw were too funny seeing¬†them upside down, so they didn’t bother her! She just laughed and continued her handstand to her classes. Continuing to her first class, she noticed that the world had an interesting look when you looked at it from upside down. Everything made her heart happy and she smiled, which is just the thing she needed.

Bailey had just lost her job, got her first failing grade, and her car was in the shop. For weeks now, things just weren’t going her way lately, but when you take the world at a different angle, you get a new perspective. She new if she could conquer the world upside down she could conquer the small things. The world looked so much bigger when she was upside down, and her problems seemed so much smaller.

Bailey got home that night, and checked her emails, ate her dinner, and wrote about her day. She told herself, I will make it, I will survive, and woo do my arms hurt.

New Look

Sometimes we just need to take a new look at the world, because no matter what we are going through we can take things from a different perspective and realize our problems really aren’t that bad. We can conquer anything we set our mind to. Maybe we can all take the world and flip it. We could all use a life refresher sometimes!


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