The Pink Bandanna

Every girl needs a pink bandanna! This is what my Grandma told my mom when I was a baby. I never got to meet my amazing Grandma, since she passed when I was five months old, but I do get to hear some pretty great stories. My favorite story happens to be the one about my pink bandanna. I still have the very bandanna she gave me, and a letter from my mom explaining the meaning behind the bandanna.

Baby me! Pink bandanna and overalls!

I’m telling this story today as a sort of birthday present to my mom. Today she turns another year older, and I wanted her to know just how much my pink bandanna means to me. Every time I sit down at my desk I have a pink bandanna hanging on the wall, to remind me of two of the most amazing women in my life. My original pink bandanna is tucked safely in a box, and I plan to pass it down to my little girl when the time comes. My mom always told me Grandma claimed my cousin, and I as hers. We were her babies! I know my Grandma would be so proud of my mom today. She is the strongest woman I know, and Grandma did a great job with her. Anytime my mom talks about Grandma, she gets this sparkle in her eyes which shows just how much my mom looked up to her mom. I hope someday I am half the mom mine is, and when my children ask about their Grandma, I’ll have the same sparkle in my eye.

Back to my pink bandanna. I have a niece, I love dearly, and she is the best little thing to walk into my life. For her first birthday, I gave her a pink bandanna, and one day when she’s old enough to understand I will tell her the story of the pink bandanna.

So remember every girl needs a pink bandanna!


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