The Accident: November 28, 2016

    6:15am, my alarm went off which meant it was time to get this day started. Just like every morning, I picked up my phone to go through my news feeds, but this time when I checked my phone, my heart stopped. I had 7 missed calls, and 3 voice mails. The phone calls started around 4am, and the only person that was out that early was my husband. So, naturally I started panicking, and the only thing going through my head was,“What happened? God please don’t do this!”

I immediately called my mother-in-law back, and she said the words I never wanted to hear.

Three months ago today (Feb. 28th), I almost lost my husband. He was involved in an accident that almost took his life. His truck had hit a culvert, and flipped multiple times. He was unconscious, until he made it to the hospital.

I ended the call with my mother-in-law and immediately called my mom. All I had to say was “I need you.” She got to my house by 6:45am, and as she drove all I could think was, “please let him be OK! God don’t you dare take him from me!” I got out of the Jeep, walked into the hospital, and met the nurse, who took me to my husband. As soon as I stepped into the trauma room, I had to stop and turn around to pull myself together. I didn’t want him to see my lose it. When I had it together, I walked to my husband’s side and waited to see his chest move up and down to know he was OK. He opened his eyes, looked at me, and said “stop that, don’t cry.” Then, he said something that I will never forget, and that will always make me laugh, “No more Pearl.” Pearl was his 2012 Chevy Silverado, and unfortunately she was totaled, but my husband was alive!

Pearl before Nov. 28, 2016
Pearl after Nov. 28, 2016
The only window left intact was the driver side


As we waited to be admitted, he was in and out of consciousness, and all I could do was hold his hand, I hated seeing him like that. While I watched him go in and out, all I could think was “please just stay with me.” I knew I couldn’t do life without my best friend. He’s the rock in our relationship. He keeps me grounded, and he keeps sane. “What was I going to do if he was gone?”

Our first night in the hospital was the longest night of my life. Every painful noise he made, hit me straight in the heart. I hated that I couldn’t take his pain away. I was afraid if I slept, he wouldn’t be there when I woke up. The next day, he was going in for his surgery to reset his right leg, and his right ring finger. He was so scared to go into surgery, because his biggest fear was being put under, and seeing him scared was the hardest thing I ever saw. Even though I knew he was in good hands, I was still freaking out for him.

Another day had passed, and boy was he ready to go home. Goodness gracious was he getting impatient, being stuck in bed all day was not his cup of tea. He was also starting to drive me nuts, but I would rather take him making me crazy, than not having him at all. I knew this was going to be a long, bumpy road ahead of us, but we had each other and we could conquer anything.

On December 2nd, we left the hospital, and that was a doozy. We ended up having to call paramedics to help get him out of the car because of the amount of pain he was in. After that days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into three months. He made progress daily, he started in a wheelchair for the first three weeks, and he hated it. Then, he moved to walking in a walking boot with a walker that had a platform to rest his broken hand, while he hopped along. From there he upgraded to crutch, then he started to walk on his own. I was so proud to call him my husband. Most people would have just given up, but not my husband he fought hard to get better. In the span of three months he made tremendous progress, and on February 23rd, he started walking on his own two feet, without any support. He has a tiny limp, but he’s not letting that stop him.

After a bumpy three months, today (February 27th) my husband returned to work. It was a happy moment for both of us. He was going crazy without anything to do, and I knew work would get him back to his normal self. To see him get ready for his first day back was a huge blessing, and made me realize God does things we may not understand, but He does them for a reason. He gives you obstacles that may break you, but He knows you will get through them. I also learned that I have a seriously stubborn and hard-headed husband, who isn’t going to let anything stop him.


Always remember to tell someone how much you love them! It may be the last time you tell them.


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