The Girl Who Wants a Semicolon Tattoo

Never Give Up
She wanted to give up.
She wanted the mental pain to end.
She needed the pain to end.
They would be OK.
They would move on.

Things got better.
It was easier to smile.
Her life was looking up.
She didn’t give up.
She chose to LIVE!
By: Jessie Butler


As you’ve read from My Fight, you know I fight my depression every day. It was getting so hard, and I really wanted to give up on life. Instead, I chose to live. I chose to laugh and smile. I chose to be happy. I chose to not give into to the mental pain. I chose to make the best of everything.

Semicolon Tattoo

Definition: A semicolon marks where the author could have finished a sentence, but decided to continue. The author is me and the sentence is my life.

The tattoo I plan on getting

Why I Chose the Butterfly 

My mom had told me that my grandmother loved butterflies, and every time I see a butterfly I feel like my grandmother is there with me. I feel like she helps me with my daily fight, by showing me a butterfly. So, I wanted to tie the butterfly in with the semicolon, to let myself, and my grandmother knows that I’m not giving up. I’m going to continue living.


What it Means to Me

I chose to keep going with my life. No matter how hard life was getting, or how much I hated being in my own head, I didn’t give in. I never gave up. This tattoo is a reminder for me that my story isn’t over yet. I have a lot of years left in me. It’ll be an addition to all my other tattoos, but this one will mean the most to me. I’ll see it every day to remind me to keep going.

Depression is not an easy fight, but it can be fought. You just have to remember to never give up.

What tattoos do you have or are thinking about getting, that have a special meaning?



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