What I Learned My First Month in the Blogging World

   Hi, I’m Jessie! I jumped into the world of blogging head first thinking it was going to be a piece pf cake. This piece of cake is no walk in the park; it actually takes a lot of ingredients! Don’t get me wrong I love what I’m doing, and I plan to keep going! I’ve been blogging for one month and one day, and it has been a beautiful chaotic journey. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

So Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned in my first month of blogging!


Number 1: Do your research!

   I did mine and thought this isn’t going to hard at all. Boy was I wrong! I read every pin on “How to Start a Blog” I could, and thought “hey, this is going to be easy!” I should have kept researching. There are these things called codes, HTML’s, CSS, and all those other fancy website terms. (By the way, I’m still learning all those). You will get the hang of things, I know I am. If not find use your friend that is good at the technical stuff, I’m sure they would love to help.


Number 2: Social Media is important!

Make social media your best friend! I made a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for my blog. I didn’t want a lot of people I didn’t know on my personal page. Join Facebook groups, follow bloggers on Twitter, and Follow boards on Pinterest. Use all the help you can get, trust me it’s worth it! Not only is it great for advice, it also helps promote your blog.

Number 3: Balance your time between your full time job and your blog!

   This tip is of course for the peeps that blog part time. I work full- time as an administrative assistant, and I also do the invoicing/billing for the company I work for. My time at work is for work. I focus on what needs I need to do for the day, and if I have a minute to spare I will check comments or emails. If it is something I need to answer I will make a note of it, and go back to it later.
   As for my blog, it comes after work. I will work on updates, post, answering emails or comments, when I finally have time to sit down. At home, I have more time to focus on planning my next post, or a new segment I want to start. Blogging has definitely become a blast for me, and I’m always itching to check my page to see if anything is new. I have to force myself to stay away and focus on my work. In case your wondering, it’s not easy, and yes I have my Facebook, and blog dashboard opened in the background.


Number 4: Take advantage of any free resources!

   I was looking at blogs and noticed a lot of the use some pretty awesome pictures, and neat features. I wanted to know where I could get what they had, so I jumped over to Pinterest.
Some of my favorites are:
  • For stock photos
    • Pexels
      • their pictures are amazing quality and they have 1,000’s
    • Rekita Nicole
      • sign up on her page to get her gorgeous photos
  • For grammar and edits
    • Grammarly 
      • it’s good for those quick fixes when using the free version, there are more options with the paid version
    • Hemingway App
      • totally free and user-friendly

Number 5: Have Fun!!

   Make your blog something even you love going to look at! Interact with your followers and subscribers. Show them how much you love and appreciate them for being a part of your blog family. Pour your heart and soul into your work, let people see who you are through your writing!
Bonus Tip: Be original no one wants to be a copy!


  1. Marina April 1, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Yes girl! I have been at it for just about 2 months and it’s crazy the things I’m still learning!!!

    1. NerdyBookLife April 1, 2017 at 10:04 am

      Right! I learn something new everyday! I’ve even started learning all that code stuff!

  2. Ashley April 18, 2017 at 7:25 am

    Thanks for sharing some resources Jessie! I’m still totally in over my head!

    1. NerdyBookLife April 18, 2017 at 7:39 am

      Just breathe! Lol you got this! and if you need any help I will try my best to help in any way I can!

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