Short Girl’s Survival Guide: 5 Survival Tips Every Shorty Needs

A little about me:

I am 5’2″, I am the oldest of four girls, and unfortunately I am the shortest. People always assume I am the younger one because not only am I the shortest, I also have a baby face. Yay me! Not! My husband happens to be 6’3″, and I love to use his height to my advantage. Now he’s not always around so I keep my survival guide in my head at all times.

5 Survival Tips Every Short Girl Needs! 

  1. Always have a step stool in your house! 
    • I can usually use my husband’s height to help me reach things that I can’t. Unfortunately, there are times when he is out of town for work, and I’m not very good at climbing on counters! So a step stool is a must! 
  2. Invest in Sunglasses! 
    • So you know that thing in your car, called a visor, and when you flip it down it’s supposed to block the sun from blinding you while you drive. I am pretty sure it was invented by a tall person. It is not going to make driving in the sun any easier for us shorties!
  3. Get used to walking faster! 
    • Your friends, boyfriend/husband, significant other, is most likely taller than you. In that case, learn to walk faster. Their strides are double yours and they tend to leave you behind, so get those little legs moving!
  4. You are NOT an armrest! 
    • Yeah I know I am short, no you cannot rest your arm on my head! I don’t need the extra pressure your arm adds and frankly I do not want to smell your armpit!
  5. Embrace being vertically challenged! 
    • Short girls may be adorable, but don’t let our height fool you! We are the perfect height to hit you where it hurts! Always remember to rock your height, and it’s OK to ask a taller person for help!