Day 6: Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

The Background

My house is full of wet kisses, and cold noses. My boys happen to have four legs and tails. That’s right, I’m a dog mom! A year ago my husband adopted our first rescue from one of his locations. He was this little 18 pound, skin and bones, scared puppy. Now he’s a 52 pound, hyperactive, chicken. He’s a full blood Catahoula, and he’s my certified Emotional Support Animal.

I rescued our second little guy from a local shelter, a few months ago. He’s a 12-pound Corgi, Dachshund mix, who thinks he’s the boss. He definitely puts my Catahoula in his place, and it cracks me up.

They give the best laughs!

Oh, these two may drive me crazy, but they always make me laugh! They do the craziest things, that make me want to pull my hair out. Then I look at them and they give me the “mom we love you” look, and I can’t help but smile. Now here’s the reason they always have me laughing.

I cannot go to the restroom in peace. It never fails, I go in there and here comes 8 legs, two wet noses, and swishing tails. “Hey mom, we know you’re busy, but we could use some attention.”  The little one ends up with his paws on my knees, and the other one with his head in my lap. Now, don’t get me wrong I love my boys, but I like getting the time to myself in the bathroom.


Let’s move to outside. These boys wouldn’t hurt a fly, but when they get outside, my oldest thinks he’s a racehorse, and my little one thinks the older one is prey. My Catahoula runs right over my little guy and rolls him in the dirt. My little one gets right back up and pounces.  There goes the Doggy Wrestling match. They are two totally different sizes, but my little guy is going to show you who is the boss.

fisher-corgimix hopper-doodle


Always remember, “Life is better when you’re laughing!”

What makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face?

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