Book Review: Harvest of Sin By Jordan Shay and Ella Nash

NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 18!


Hello hot as sin love triangle!

Let me introduce you to Miss Anna, a 26-year-old, Amish virgin, who is head over apron in love with an Englishman. In case you didn’t know, dating, sleeping with, or having any kind of relationship with an English person is forbidden, in the Amish community! If caught, you will be shunned from the community, or even banned!

Now say hello to the yummy and completely off-limits Englishman, Derek! Oh my ladies, make sure you fan yourself, this boy is hot! He also is very good with a certain, well… (not gonna give it away).

Being an Amish woman, at the age of 26, you should probably be married with a couple of kids by now, well not Anna, since she is lusting over Derek! So, her parents take love into their own hands and find Anna a man to marry. Bring in the sweet and incredibly handsome Caleb. He happens to be head over boots in love with Anna, but she can’t shake her feelings for Derek.

What I Liked!

The book was hot and I love me a good naughty book every once in a while! Now, naughty may be an understatement for this book, it is steamy with a capital SEX. The characters all fit well together, and it was so sweet of Caleb to help Anna and Derek be together, despite Caleb’s feelings for Anna. The naughty scenes in this book will make your cheeks red, and keep you all hot and bothered, through out every page.¬†Anna has a big decision to make in this book. She loves her family and would do anything for them, but she also knows that the Amish community is not the place for her. If she wants to be with her hot as sin Englishman, then she knows she will have to runaway.

What I didn’t Like!

There wasn’t really a story for Derek and Anna. Every time these two got together, clothes went flying and they never really got to know each other. Caleb and Anna, on the other hand went out and got to know each other, granted not the way Caleb wanted but they still made a connection, outside of sex. Anna’s feelings throughout the book were also kinda hard to follow. She would sway one way and then the other, almost to the end of the book. There was also a scene between Caleb and Anna in the buggy that felt completely out-of-place. Why would she sleep with Caleb, when she knew she was going to leave with Derek. Just didn’t fit in the story in my opinion.


Heck yes, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good forbidden love story! Also, to anyone who loves a naughty book to read in private!


This book was offered to me by Jordan Shay and I am honored to share this review!

Where you can find the authors:

Author Jordan Shay

Author Ella Nash

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  1. March 28, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Thank you for sharing, sounds dreamy! Now I will have to read it! My name is Brandy, and im new to the blogging community, its so nice to meet you. I hope you have a blessed week

    1. NerdyBook Life March 28, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Don’t read it in public!! Lol and I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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