6 Tips For When You Bring Home a Rescue Dog!

My Rescues!

My Husband rescued our first baby, a little over a year ago. He has been the best addition to our little family! He’s even got his own little story, that you can read here. Our second baby, was a surprise to my husband. I was at the pet store picking up some new toys for our first baby, when there happened to be a mobile adoption trailer outside. I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look, right? Well I ended up adopting the cutest little guy I have ever seen! He thinks he runs the place and I’m pretty certain he does!

hopper-doodle fisher-smile

There was a lot that went into preparing for these guys, and I thought I would share some of the tips that helped us out a lot when we brought these babies into our lives!

6 Tips For When You Bring Home a Rescue Dog!


  1. Vet Visit! 
    1. No matter if you rescued a stray, or a dog from a shelter, you need to make a vet visit as soon as possible! A stray will need a complete check up, since you don’t know their past. Most shelter dogs have been to vet and will most likely be up to date on shots, but you still want to get them checked out.
  2. Microchip!
    1. The vet will check a stray for a microchip. Most won’t have one and I recommend getting one! It’s a lifesaver, in case your baby gets loose. Most shelter dogs have a chip already, but you do want to make sure you get it registered with your info!
  3. Training!
    1. (I have not mastered this with my little one yet) You definitely want to start with house breaking, unless they are already house broke then you go lucky!
    2. Basic commands
      1. sit
      2. stay
      3. lay down
  4. Necessities!
    • dog food
    • bowls for water and food
    • toys
    • treats
    • bed
    • puppy pads
    • collar/leash
    • dog tag with your info on it!
  5. Be Patient!
    1. You have no idea what your new baby’s past life was like. So, take your time and get to know each other, they will warm up to you in no time!
  6. LOVE!
    1. Lots and lots of love! Most rescues have been through horrible situations and they will need all the love you can show them!

Guess What?? I made a checklist! Now you can check things off as you get them for your baby!! (psst… it’s free just click the cute little banner)



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