Come on Jessie! You Got This! (A Pep Talk to Myself)

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like the whole world is against you? You’re just sad, down, or full of doubt! Maybe you just need a good pep talk! Well who better than to give you that pep talk than yourself! 

You Got This!

*start bouncing on toes*

Hey Gorgeous! Get up! Now! Good you’re up, now head to the mirror! Oh Lord! You are BEAUTIFUL! You can conquer the world with just that smile. Everyone loves it and they all let you know it’s your best feature.

Now grab your makeup bag. Come on, you always feel better when you put some makeup on. Let’s go light and simple, that’s your favorite go to. Make those green eyes pop! There that’s better. You know, you don’t need it but there’s a hint a that gorgeous smile! Now the hair! Take it out of the ponytail and grab the flat-iron! Smooth and silky that’s the way you like it.

You are strong! Talented! Unique!



Don’t forget to always be you!

You are an original!

There it is! Your twinkle is back and your smile is full force! You are ready to take on the world! Remember your bad days will never be out weigh your good because you can always make them better. Take a few minute for yourself, to remind you that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Never forget to be yourself and show it off to the world. Girl, you know you have the most positive attitude out there and no one is going to change that.

Inhale the future and exhale the past! You didn’t sit through that painful tattoo for nothing! You can’t hang on to the past or the negative that was left there, it won’t make your life any better!

So remember, be beautiful, be strong and always be yourself!

What pep talks do you give yourself when you’re in a blah mood??


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