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June 2017

See Ya Later June: You Will Not Be Missed

Hey Nerdy Peeps, we made it to the last day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! Today’s topic is “your highs and lows for the month.” Well, this month was hell! I had lots of lows for this month and some highs, but I am so glad June is over. So, see ya later June: you will not be missed!

You know that saying, “do you want the bad news or good news first?”

Well, we are starting with the lows. That way it makes the highs so much better!

My Lows For June

  • My marriage hit a snag (don’t want to share too much here)
  • My hubby had knee surgery and is still home from work
  • Money is really tight and I am a huge ball of stress
  • I have been in a major book slump and it sucks (I only finished one book out of the 4 I read this month)
  • My anxiety and depression hit a high this month and I need a break from life

So, those are some of my lows for the month. As you can see it was a tough one. Now, that I made you sad with the lows, let’s brighten this post up with some highs!

My Highs For June

  • My marriage is going way better!
  • I finished the first chapter of my adult novel
  • I made it through the 30 Day Writing Challenge!

As you can see, there weren’t that many highs but that’s ok. I still made it through the month in one piece. I am hoping and praying for a better July because Lord knows my anxiety and depression needs it!

See Ya Later June: You Will Not Be Missed

I am so glad for this month to be over. I had way too many lows this month and it was starting to get hard to handle. It was making me want to crawl in the closet and disappear for the rest of the summer. As great as running from all of the lows sounds, I know I can’t do that. That’s not what my life needs. I have to fight through the anxiety and depression and make it through this life one day at a time. I know I can do this, just gotta take it one step at a time.

What were your highs and lows for this month?

10 Goals to Accomplish in July

Look at me, making my goals public so I have to accomplish them! Hey, Nerdy Peeps, it’s day 29 of the Writing Challenge and the topic is, “what are your goals for next month?” I happen to have 10 goals to accomplish in July!

10 Goals to Accomplish in July

  1. Gain more blog subscribers
  2. Finish my children’s chapter book – You can read the blurb in this post
  3. Exercise more often
  4. Work on my EBook for Taking Back Your Life: Escaping Depression and Anxiety
  5. Read 6 Books – Check out my To Read List on Goodreads!
  6. Organize my office See what my dream office looks like here
  7. Write and post 4 or more book reviews
  8. Drink more water
  9. Write the middle of my adult novel – check the link in #2 for the blurb of this book!
  10. Work on opt-ins for new followers

10 Goals to Accomplish in July

Check back for the future posts in July to see when these goals get accomplished!

What are some goals you have for July?


Blogger Recognition Award!

Guess what Nerdy Peeps!! In place of day 28 of the Writing Challenge, I am going to tell you about being nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! I want to give a huge shout out and big nerdy thank you to For The Love of Teachers, for nominating me! She runs an awesome blog about teaching and her professional development, where she also shares her passion for writing! Definitely, check her out!

Blogger Recognition Award!

Blogger Recognition Award!

Bare with me, I know rules aren’t the best thing but these aren’t that bad (hehe)!

  1. Thank the Blogger that nominated you!
  2. Write a post to show your award!
  3. Give a brief story of how you started your blog
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers!
  5. Select 15 Bloggers, you want to give this award to!
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them, also link your post to their nomination!

Nerdy Book Life

Blogger Recognition Award!

Before I started this blogging journey, I did a lot of research and thinking before I hit publish. I thought about what I wanted to write about, and went through several brainstorming sessions until I settled on my niche!

At first, Nerdy Book Life was just going to be about bookish things, and book reviews. Then, I noticed that if I wrote about my life and mental health story, that maybe it would help others in their daily fight. So, let me explain the components to Nerdy Book Life

Nerdy –  Well, I love all things nerdy. I read, write, and research just about anything
Books – I have a huge passion for books, and I love all things bookish!
Life – I love life and my life consists of living and fighting through depression and anxiety

I was really nervous when I posted my first post and then I got really bummed because it didn’t get very much attention. That hasn’t stopped me though, and my content has gotten better and I have gained a lot of attention! My blog has grown so much and I love sharing my love of books and life with everyone who reads it!

Advice For New Nerds… I mean Bloggers!

Nerdy Tip #1 Blogger Recognition Award!

Just write! Share your passion with the world and people will love what you write. Now, it won’t be an overnight thing, and it takes time, but it is so worth it to see your passion grow. Do not give up on your dreams or your passion!

Nerdy Tip #2   Blogger Recognition Award!

Research, research, research! Don’t do what I did and just jump right in! Take your time, write more than one post and get your site to where you want it to be before you go live. I jumped right in and well, I changed my theme several times until I settled on the one I use. Also, plan a schedule that works for you. My schedule used to be a post a day, and it was overwhelming! I know post twice a week and it works so much better for me and my traffic.

And the Nominees are…

Zoey Valuated Blog! – Here you will find Zoey and all her advice and lifestyle, discussion goodies!

Matthew! – He writes about a little bit of everything! From books to gaming and movies and his own life!

Chelsey over at Icing on the Page! – She’s a fellow bookworm and a baker! I mean come on books and food that’s the two greatest things in life!

Bionic Book Worm! – I just love this page and all the amazing bookiness! (I am making that a word) Just turn on your nerdiness and check her out!

In a Messy World –  I’m just going to quote her “A huge ball of anxiety with crazy curls!” oh and she’s from London!

My Sweet Anxiety! –  Anything and everything about mental health, fitness, and well-being!  Check out her journey in the mental health world!

The Day I Gave Up! – “Living Life Fighting Anxiety” She has amazing stories on her fight with anxiety!

Julie @ Read and Live Well! – She loves sunflowers!  Is also an Australian doctor! And loves books just like me!

The Anxious Photographer – Her socks never match! And she fights her anxiety with her passion of photography!

BeFitHappy – A single mommy fighting type 2 Diabetes! Her site is just so bright and happy, that it makes me happy!

Girly Gabble – I love her and her tad bit nutty self! (she said it not me)! She’s a lifestyle blogger who is a little bit of every style out there!

Whole Heart Happy – A mommy who is on a journey to health and wellness!

The Darling CEO – She pretty much wants to conquer the world with her blog! She also loves wine and chocolate!

Coach Bex @ Bexercise! – She’s a fitness blogger who understands the struggle of needing the extra shot of creamer in your coffee!

On the Other Side of Depression – She shows you her fight with depression through all of her posts!


I counted twice and that definitely makes 15 nominees that I think are absolutely amazing! They are doing their best to make the world a happier place one post at a time!  Definitely check these peeps out and give them some love!

Thank you again For the Love of Teachers for the nomination!

You Know You’re a Nerd When…

Hey there Nerdy Peeps! Guess what? You have stuck with me through 27 days of the writing challenge! Woohoo!! So, today’s topic is your hobbies and interests.

You know you’re a nerd when…

Your hobbies consist of nerdy things! I happen to have six hobbies and interests that fuel my nerdiness.

Hobby #1

This one happens to be a given, I mean hello, it’s in my tag line. Just a girl, her life, and her BOOKS! I read a lot. If I don’t have a book or my Kindle with me, I usually just open the Kindle app on my phone and read from there. If I don’t feel like reading, I’ll pop in my headphones and listen to an audio book. So, no matter what I always have something to read!

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Hobby #2

I also write all the time! Journals are a must for me and I have them everywhere. Most of them are full others probably not so much. If I don’t have a journal with me, you can find me jotting things down on scrap paper or sticky notes! I love sticky notes, I use them for lots of things, and quick thoughts. They are just always super handy. You can check out the three books I am writing here

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Hobby #3

Well duh! It’s probably my biggest and most fun hobby! I do this every day and I love it! I mean you’re obviously checking out my blog right now as you’re reading this. Nerdy Book Life is something I have wanted to do for a long time and on February 8, 2017, I took the leap and started my blogging journey. It has been a major learning curve for me. I have learned so much about not only myself but the internet world also. My blog happens to be my escape to ease my depression and anxiety. It is also the place where I hope to help people with whatever they are going through and to share my passion for books!

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Hobby #4

Learning about history!
Not only am I a major book nerd, but I am also a huge history nerd! If I have nothing to do and I’m bored, I will boot up my laptop, and research random things that happened throughout history. Learning about different events is pretty exciting to me and my inner nerd always does its happy nerd dance when I learn something new!

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Hobby #5

I am a major animal lover. Just ask anyone that knows me. I am always loving on animals and learning anything and everything I can about them. Becoming a veterinarian was in my future plans at one time, but as you see that didn’t go as planned. I still took classes to become a vet tech and learned a lot about helping animals. I’m sort of known as the unofficial family animal expert. Everyone comes to me with questions on what to do. Now, before you say that’s the vet’s job, I usually point people in that direction. If it is something simple that I know I can fix then I will help out in any way I can.

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Hobby #6

Most days I don’t even wear makeup, but when I do I love trying new looks. I am addicted to beauty YouTube channels. My hubby gets annoyed with how many videos I’ll watch. I love to try new looks and techniques to see what works and doesn’t work for me. So, far I have gotten pretty good at makeup and I am even doing my sisters for her wedding and I can’t wait!

You Know You're a Nerd When...


We have three days left of the challenge and then it’s the end of June! It has flown by and I loved getting to share all these topics with you so far! Lots of nerdy love and nerdy thanks!

What are some hobbies you have? Do we have any in common?


Staying Healthy, Being Healthy

Well hello day 26 of the writing challenge, thanks for giving me a topic I dread talking about. That topic happens to be, “write about an area in your life that needs improvement.”  Ugh, why do you have to do this to me writing challenge! So, here is to staying healthy, and being healthy. (NOT)

My Trouble With Staying Healthy, Being Healthy

I am horrible with healthy habits. I have tried all those quick fixes and what not, but I always give them up. Now, I do have some healthy habits, but I don’t always stick to them. I don’t drink enough of anything actually. Healthy food usually escapes my radar, and exercise is not my things.

Yes, I get that fitness itch and I’ll go for about a week or so, but then I’m done. I don’t know if I get bored or just get annoyed with doing it every day, but I end up giving up and moving on. The good thing is, according to my doctor I am healthy, despite being overweight and not always eating right. Do I need to make changes? You bet! Am I going to make those changes? Well, let’s find out!

Staying Healthy, Being Healthy

I am going to start exercising, by doing one of my favorite things, and that is walking. I love going on walks and getting in touch with nature. (I know that’s a nerdy statement!) I am also going to try to do yoga again, but I don’t see it working out. Heck, last time I endured yoga, I laughed the entire time and my dogs were usually all up in my business!

Staying Healthy, Being Healthy

As far as eating healthy, I don’t always do that bad. Fast food and restaurants are going out the window, and I am going to start cooking more meals at home. Lunches will be pre-made and I will load up on water! That is a must in my book!

Story time:
This weekend, I went out of town for my nephew’s birthday party. It was outside at a local park, and boy was it humid and hot! Hello, Texas! I guess I didn’t think about it much because I didn’t feel sick or anything until I got in the car to head home. My mistake was not drinking any water. Hello, dizziness, throwing up, and dehydration! I never want to feel that way again! 

So, I am picking up water drinking as a sport! Water drinking is going to be part of my daily routine and I am going to rock this sport! Now, you’re probably saying, “um Jessie that’s not a sport, you’re just drinking water.” Yeah well, I need to make it more exciting, so I will actually like drinking it (hehe).

Staying Healthy, Being Healthy


Now, will I stick with all this? I hope so but… So far, I have had 0 ounces of water! Oh, and lunch was not healthy, but hey it’s only day one! I’ll get there!

Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it! Also, check out this post

What are some things in your life that need improvement? How are you going to improve on them?