Think Positive, Be Positive, Stay Positive

Today’s writing challenge was to write about something someone told you that you will never forget!

It seems that nowadays negativity rules a major part of the world.  From this shooting over here to that bombing over there, you always here about something negative happening. This is why I do my best to rid my life of the negative. I don’t really watch the news because I don’t like hearing about the negative that goes on.  Which is why I have removed negative people and other things from my life. I keep myself surrounded in as much positivity as possible.

Think Positive, Be Positive, Stay Positive

I spent plenty of time in a negative situation before I moved to East Texas three years ago.  That situation is a major reason why I have depression and anxiety, and negativity is one of my triggers. So, I tend to try to stay as positive as I can in my life because I hate having episodes. Positivity is also a driving force in my life, especially in the last 7 months. My husband had a pretty terrible accident back in November, and all I could think was that I had to stay positive, not only for him but also for myself. When I introduce positive thoughts into my life, everything seems to go more smoothly, and it makes my anxiety and depression a little more bearable.

Think Positive, Be Positive, Stay Positive

I’m going to give you some ways that help me with positivity!

5 Ways I Stay Positive!

  1. Limit how often you watch the news
    • I mainly watch the weather
  2. Laugh a lot!
  3. Write down things that make you happy
    • Keep a journal
  4. Delete the negative from social media
    • Keep all the ugly stuff off your news feed
  5. Always encourage positivity


Think Positive, Be Positive, Stay Positive

What are some ways you stay positive?  I would love for you to share them with me! 

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