Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell

Usually, your first year of marriage is supposed to be sunshine and daisies, but mine was car accidents, job loss, and a surgery. Now, don’t get me wrong my marriage was also great and I couldn’t have been happier marrying my best friend.

I got married on June 11, 2016, and it was a beautiful and amazing day. It was all my dreams come true, the perfect dress, the perfect venue, gorgeous flowers, and my best friend waiting at the end of the aisle. Then, we had the most amazing honeymoon in Destin, Florida. We spent hours on the beach and just enjoyed each others company. Of course, all vacations come to an end and we had to go back to reality. Now, you’re probably thinking, “how was this hell?” Well, fast forward to November.

November 28, 2016

I got the worst phone call in my entire life. “Jessie, Tyler was in an accident and we are at the hospital.” My mother-in-law had called me to let me know my husband was in an accident, but he was ok. I waited for my mom to come and pick me up since I was in no shape to drive.  I knew we would have a long road ahead of us after I found out the shape he was in.

At the hospital, we found out he had a crushed leg, broken hand, and a banged up face. His leg and hand were fixed with surgery. So, he now has a rod for a tibia bone and a reset fibula. Recovery was a long few months and he was finally able to get back to work. Once he was back at work, he worked hard to make up for the time that he was down, and our marriage was doing great.

Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell

Job Loss

Yes, he was out of town a lot, but those are the joys of being an oilfield wife. He was always on a job, and not usually close to home.  He was working for a new company that thankfully kept him on despite having an accident. We thought everything was going to be just fine until I got the second dreaded phone call in my marriage. My husband had called to tell me that he had lost his job. I was in freak out mode. How were we going to cover bills? What were we going to do? Would we have to move in with our parents? Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry long. That very same day, my husband had a job and was ready to get to work. He was in his week of training when the next bump in our marriage journey hit.


Yep, I said a week into training when the next bump hit. He was getting into his truck one morning when “pop” went his knee and hello torn ACL and meniscus. Next stop surgery! This is where we are today. He went through surgery to repair his ACL and meniscus, and now we are on the road to recovery.  He has a round about time of 3 to six months of recovery time before he can get back to his job. It’s a long road but we are on the journey together.

Stronger Together

Let me tell you this though, we are stronger than all of this. We have been through hell and back, but we have not lost sight of our love for each other. Our marriage is stronger today because we haven’t given up one each other. Despite everything, we have had each other. Through every step of recovery, I have been by his side and plan to continue to be there. He has been my best friend, my rock, and my other half.  No matter what we have gone through our marriage stands stronger. It will always be the strength we need to get through anything and everything.

Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell Why My First Year of Marriage Was Hell


Today was Day 10 of the Writing Challenge and it was, “Your current relationship status.” As you can see I am married to my best friend and couldn’t be happier!

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  1. benkhalifa mariam June 13, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    so interesting story
    love is the light of life that enlighten the dark roads for us

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