Why I Did a 30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 21 of the writing challenge is, “why did you do this challenge?” Well, I never finish a challenge, and this one happened to be perfect. I love to write about anything and everything, so a writing challenge was right up my alley!

Why I did a 30 Day Writing Challenge

For starters, I’ve never really accomplished any sort of challenge. I’ve tried countless challenges like water, exercise, reading, you name I probably tried it, just never finished one. That is until I found three different ones with questions on each that I liked. So, I took questions from each challenge and came up with a writing challenge I knew I would enjoy doing.

So, if you’ve noticed, I ‘ve made it to day 21! I usually give up on day 4, because I get bored or the challenges just get in the way of my everyday life. 21 days into this challenge has actually helped me in a lot of ways.

  • I have more confidence
  • I’m proud of myself for powering through it
  • It has helped with my anxiety, but showing me I can finish something
  • It has also brought back my love of writing

Why I Did a 30 Day Writing Challenge

Why I made my own challenge

The original challenge I found on Pinterest was a good one, but it had some questions I just didn’t like. It also didn’t have any bookish question at all, and that was not going to work for me.  I mean hello, this book nerd has to answer some bookish questions! So, I started to look at other challenges and was able to compile a full 30 days worth of things I knew I would like answering.

Some of my favorites in this challenge so far are:

Of course, there are 9 days left of this challenge and there are some really fun topics coming up! I can’t wait to share them with you.

Now I have a surprise for you! You can do the challenge too! I have a free printable for you!

Let me know if you do the challenge! I’d love to see what you write about! 

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