Weird Things That Help My Depression

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am going to bring you some of the weird things that help my depression and I hope they can help you too!

Weird Things That Help My Depression

weird things that help my depression

I love watching YouTube videos! Especially the beauty channels, they always brighten me up and I learn the best tips from watching them. Another favorite is prank channels or DIYs. I always find myself cracking up laughing at the prank channels, and wanting to head to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s because of the DIY channels! Oh, and I can’t forget the book channels, because hello I’m a book nerd!

My Favorite Channels:

Kathleen Lights! 

Tati: Glam Life Guru

Ben Phillips

Laura Lee

weird things that help my depression

I love to pin things on Pinterest! Anything from blogging to cute animals to DIY projects to quotes, I will pin it if it makes me smile! I can lose myself in Pinterest and forget about everything I was thinking about.

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Reading other Blogs!

weird things that help my depression

Yep, not only do I blog but I love to read other people’s blogs! I learn a lot and I get advice I never thought I would need. In fact, I read so many different blogs before I launched mine!

Blogs I Love: 

Zoey Valuated! – If you love frogs you will love her graphics! Also, she has some of the best advice!

Heather’s Reading Hideaway! – One of the best book blogs to follow!

Little Thoughts – A blog with a little bit of everything!

Girly Gabble –  A blog full of lifestyle that you need to read!


weird things that help my depression

Now, I can’t draw to save my life, but if I take my time and concentrate sometimes I can get a good sketch out. Sketching takes my mind off of a lot of things and helps me clear my mind because I am focusing on a certain task. I haven’t sketched in a while and I think my sketch pad is calling my name!

There you have it, all the weird things that help my depression!

What are some weird things that help your depression? Do we share anything that helps?

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