Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books!

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Guess what? I went shopping, but I also received a lot of books from authors for reviews! That means I’m bringing you a book haul!

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

The other day I walked into my very first half priced books and it felt like book heaven. There were so many shelves full of like new condition books, and they were all marked down! I mean who doesn’t love cheaper books! Of, course I only bought three books during this trip, but I plan to make many more trips to buy more books!

Book #1

Wife for Hire by Janet Evonavich

I absolutely love anything written by Janet Evonavich, and there were so many books to choose from. Which, of course, made it hard to pick just one book, but I did it! I mainly picked this book for the title because I knew it was probably going to be super funny and I needed to know where this book was going to take me!

Of course, I flipped the book over and read the blurb and that was it for me. Give me a bad boy who has a girl pretend to be his wife and I can’t wait to dive in!

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

Book #2

One Wish by Robyn Carr

Even though I wasn’t famous or anything like the character in the book, I can relate by escaping to a new city. I also know how it feels to need a little excitement in my life. Which is why I chose this book. And the guy on the cover was cute! Plus, he wants to be a fun coach.

So, you get a story about a champion figure skater who wants to escape fame and competition. Now, that she has moved to the new town there is a high school teacher who wants to give her the excitement she’s looking for.

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

Book #3

Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst

The cover of this book was what struck me the most and then I read the blurb and there was one sentence that hooked my attention. “At night she dreams of a tattered carnival tent and buttons being sewn into her skin.” I mean what the hell! Everything about this book screams crazy and awesome! I can’t wait to see the mystery this book holds.

No memory, a new name, and a new face? Yeah, this book is going to be a good one!

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

Book #4

The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier

Of course, I wanted this book because it is written by one of my all time authors and I couldn’t pass it up! Also, wait until you see the cover you’ll understand why this book is a must. Now, this book has a female character that wants her own life and a male character that doesn’t want to remember his.

Can these two figure things out before they try to kill each other? Probably not! If this book is anything like T.M. Frazier’s books then I know I will never be able to put it down! (Definitely going to have a review for this one!)

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books


Books I got in return for reviews…

Now, these were books I got from authors in return for honest reviews and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Book #1

Conflicted by Alice La Roux and M.S. L.R.

I’m just going to leave the link to this book’s awesome review right here!

Book Review: Conflicted by M.S. L.R. and Alice La Roux

Check it out, buy the book, you won’t regret it!

Book #2

When We Swing-An Erotic Thriller by Kyla Ross

**Not intended for under 18**

I am currently reading this book and let me tell you, it is hard to put down. When I started this I was afraid it was going to be pretty predictable. Boy, was I wrong! This book will keep you on your toes and have you glued to every word. I don’t want to give too much away since I will be doing a review on this book!

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

Book #3

Fractured Fairytales by various authors

This book is an anthology consisting of 9 short novellas. By the title, you can probably tell these are going to be fairy tale retailing’s. Now, according to the book’s blurb, these are intended for 18+ and not intended for anyone under 18.

I can’t wait to see which fairy tales are getting retold and to see what naughty things they get into.

Hello Book Haul: So Many New Books

So, there you have it! There’s a haul of books just for my Peeps! Can’t wait to get these read and get some reviews out for all my lovely people!

What are some books you have bought? What do you want to see a review on?



  1. Echo September 12, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    You picked some good books. I really want to check out Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst. The cover does really catch the eye.

    1. NerdyBookLife September 12, 2017 at 4:12 pm

      Right! As soon as I pulled it from the shelf I knew it was a book I would have to read!

  2. Lois September 12, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    This is a great list of books, I can’t wait to read them.

    1. NerdyBookLife September 12, 2017 at 5:54 pm

      You will love them for sure!

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