Falling into the Pages

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! It’s Fall time, and that means I have to bring you book recommendations for Fall! Plus, it is also my favorite time of year. I get to watch the leaves change and get to decorate with all the awesome fall decor! And of course, my birthday is in October, so it makes Fall that much better!

Books for Fall…

These books are perfect to get your spooky read on. So, grab your favorite blanket or pillow to hide behind because here come the recommendations!

Blind Stitches by J.B. Chicoine

A crazy family, a wedding, a funeral, and a love story? Sounds like the perfect story. Which is also set around the fall of the Berlin wall, and the Autumn of 1989.  So, can a seamstress look beyond the craziness of the family of the boy she’s building a relationship with or will she let them keep their secrets and move on?

Book Blurb: Meanwhile, talented young seamstress Juliet Glitch has been putting the finishing touches on the wedding dress. Mother of the bride—former prima ballerina and Russian expatriate—asks Juliet if she ‘would hem her blind son Nikolai’s trousers for the funeral’ … and the wedding.

falling into the pages

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

I love me some Ray Bradbury! (Even though I have only read one of his books!) His writing style can sweep away and get you lost in any story. So, to find a book for Halloween written by him is a definite need for my collection. This book is a tale of some boys who are going to check out a haunted house but one of them gets swept away by a “dark Something.” That’s all I’m giving from the blurb!

Book Blurb: I want you to go in not knowing much, but I’ve read the blurb so I’ll leave you a little something. “…boys on the tail of a kite through time and space to search the past for their friend and the meaning of Halloween.” (Booklist/Goodreads)

falling into the pages

The Midnight Carnival by Various authors

This is a book with 13 short stories, full of Halloween goodness. From the blurb, I am assuming they all coincide with each other, but I am not sure. I will have to read to find out! The blurb explains more than I can. Plus, I also love carnivals, so this is a must-read for me!

Book Blurb: On Halloween, a strange carnival comes to town. The gates open at sunset, and the attractions are all one of a kind: faery magic under the big top masked demons on the midway, carnies greeting crowds with sharp-toothed smiles. Those who go and come back have tales to tell that linger with them long after the carnival is gone. Those who go and never come back… well. There are stories that linger about them, too.

falling into the pages

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson & Laura Miller

Take a group of people to check if a house is haunted and you have this book. Just Kidding! You have a haunted house with a big secret, it wants to take one of the characters as its own. All I can say is definitely take a haunted house seriously, you never know what is lurking in the shadows.

Book Blurb: At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But Hill House is gathering its powers—and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.

falling into the pages

I can’t wait to check out these spooky reads for Fall/Halloween. They look and sound like they are going to be so much fun to read.

What are your go-to reads for Fall/Halloween? How do you like reading these type of stories? 



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