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October 2017

Happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps!

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! It’s my favorite holiday, so I am bringing you 5 of my favorite spooky quotes! Happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps!

Spooky Quotes for a Halloween Night

happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps


happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps


happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps


happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps


happy Halloween Nerdy Peeps

I want to hear what your favorite spooky quotes are! Let’s fill the comments with Halloween goodness!

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New Release: Veil of Darkness by Derek Adam

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a new release by the awesome Derek Adam! Veil of Darkness is live today and holy paranormal hotness I can’t wait to share it with you!

new release veil of darkness

Paranormal at its hottest

This is my very first book by Derek Adam, and I need more! After reading Veil of Darkness I have found my love for paranormal again. Plus, this book has a husky in it and I am a sucker for books with dogs. Anyway, let’s get into this review.

So, the characters in the book were perfect I loved all of them and like I said I need more! (Derek are you listening, I need more!) The book was all around perfect, the storyline fit the book perfectly in every way, and the details for everything were great. The attraction between Luca and Emma was great, I loved how it was played into the story. And who doesn’t love when two of the same people get together?

Derek Adam’s writing style makes it so easy to read way past your bedtime and fall in love with the entire book. Oh, and I also loved that it wasn’t about werewolves and vampires! These paranormal creatures are so overplayed and it’s actually the reason I stopped reading paranormal. So, thank goodness Derek brought something new to the table, because I loved Veil of Darkness!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

new release veil of darkness

Book Blurb

There’s a world just beyond the veil… in the dark, out of sight, and out of reach for most. That is where they live.

Spirits, demons, and creatures of myth.

For decades, one organization has sought to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power on the other side of the veil for its own misdeeds.

And for decades, a group devoted to protecting life and the natural order has worked to counter the efforts of evil.

Emma is the perfect guardian, living in isolation until called on, accompanied by a tenacious Siberian husky bonded as her familiar and companion. Her life and existence are devoted to one end – using her unique abilities to maintain the balance and bring an end to that which does not belong.

Luca is a paranormal expert capable of seeing beyond the veil and communicating with the other side. With his spirit companions, Sutter and Virgil, he’s called on to investigate an unusual event that will forever change him, and the small border town he once called home.

After a chance encounter, Luca will awaken something in Emma that will force her to face her most difficult struggles, and inspire a whole new reason to fight.

**I mean really come on the blurb should be enough to say YES! I am getting this book**

About Derek Adam

new release veil of darkness

Derek is a retired Emergency Medical Professional and has been a lover of telling stories his entire life, having made the transition from “filthy liar” to “sexy author” about the same time silver hairs started showing up in his face (and other places.)

In the early days, he attempted to write science fiction and high fantasy but discovered it was more fun to write about people touching other people’s tingle-places (smut is cool.) while mixing in action, explosions, and plenty of WTF moments.

He’s also a gamer, gym rat, snow hater (despite living in Michigan), life liver, stunt double for Hulk, and he considers himself to be aggressively unfancy.

new release veil of darkness

Purchase Links

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA



So, yes definitely get this book! Trust me you need it! Let me know if you get it! Because you totally need it!

Also, Derek, yes Derek I am talking to you! I need more, please 🙂

Without Merit Book Signing, I met Colleen Hoover!

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Oh, my goodness, I met the amazing Colleen Hoover and it was the best day ever! The whole event was so much fun and The Bookworm Box is the cutest little bookstore I have ever visited. Ever book is signed and this bookstore also hosts a subscription box every month and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. So, let me tell you about my day!

Without Merit Book Signing at The Bookworm Box

The book signing happened on October 28th, 2017 and it was my very first ever book signing. Before Colleen Hoover, I never would have thought about going to a book signing, but I love her books so much I knew I needed to get one signed!

So, when I found this bookstore a few weeks before, and heard about the signing I told my mom I needed to go for my birthday! That’s exactly what we did! We drove the hour drive to get there and got in a pretty long line (that was totally worth it!).

Meeting Colleen!

First of all, she is the sweetest person ever! And I was so nervous to meet an amazing author that I barely knew what to say when she asked questions, but I made it through and answered clearly enough. I got her to sign my Kindle signed and also my Without Merit book! She also wrote the best advice for a future author that I will hold onto forever.

without merit book signing

Now onto the goodies!

without merit book signing without merit book signing without merit book signing

I had the most amazing day, and I can’t wait for more book signings with the amazing author Colleen Hoover! Stay tuned for many book reviews of all of her books because I cannot wait to share them with all of you! I also book nerded pretty hard and talked a whole lot about everything so, of course, I couldn’t wait to share everything with all of you!



DIY Punny Halloween Costumes

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you two DIY punny Halloween costumes that will have everyone laughing! This post is also in collaboration with two other bloggers! Zoey at Zoey-Valuated and Dawn at DawnBlogtopus! We are giving some all the Halloween goodies for your trick or treating needs!

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DIY Punny Halloween Costumes

I searched the internet for something fun and easy to be for Halloween since we are having a Halloween party at my work. I know I wanted to stick out and be different, so I looked at everything and anything I could find. That’s where I decided to be “HOLY COW”!

How To Be Holy Cow


  • White shirt
  • Black fabric paint
  • Cow ears/halo headband
  • Angel wings

Now, I am not a very good at taking pictures so, I am going to do my best to explain what I did.

Step 1 – Lay out your white shirt and put some cardboard on the inside so that the paint doesn’t bleed

Step 2 – Sketch out where you want your spots to be

Step 3 – Start filling in your spots with the black fabric paint. (I don’t recommend the black spray paint, it gets everyone – I know this from experience!)

Step 4 – Let it dry!

On most of the tutorials, I found that people were making their own halo. Well, I was not that talented and was lucky enough to find angel wings with a halo headband in the package. But, I didn’t want just a halo, I want the cow ears also. So, I went to my local Wal-mart and found cow ears with a tail and bow-tie in the children’s section.

Viola, a Holy Cow Costume!

diy punny halloween costumes

How To Be SUPER Glue

I did not find this costume idea anywhere! It popped into my head one day when I was looking for super glue, and I thought why not make it into a superhero costume. Get it, SUPER Glue, like Superman?

No, ok let me explain what you need!


  • White shirt, or any color it really doesn’t matter
  • Fabric paint, pick a color that will work with the shirt color you pick
  • glue
  • glitter and glitter glue
  • a pillowcase, or something that will work as a cape

Nope, I don’t have pictures of the process so, here are my steps!

Step 1 – Lay out your shirt with cardboard inside

Step 2 – Sketch out the words Super Glue

Step 3 – Paint over the letters (I used a sponge)

Step 4 – Lightly cover the S & G in glue and sprinkle the glitter (it’s messy so take caution)

Step 5 – When I learned the glitter got everywhere, I took glitter glue and spread it over the rest of the letters (it was way less messy!)

Step 6 – Let it dry, shake off excess glitter!

Kabaam, Super Glue!

diy punny halloween costumes

There you have it two costumes that are for sure going to get you some laughs! I enjoyed making them even though things got messy. So, put your craft skills to work and try one or both of these out!

Which one am I going to be?

*drum roll please….** 

diy punny halloween costumes

What are you going to be for Halloween? Is it something unique like mine or something totally different!

You Don’t Look Like You Have Depression

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Let me tell you what my depression looks like!

The common phrase I hear a lot happens to be “You don’t look like you have depression.” Well, I didn’t know depression was something you can see.

The person behind the depression…

Yes, I smile, I laugh, and yes I make an effort in the world, but that does not mean I am not fighting a battle with myself. My depression is something I do my best to hide and if you’ve been following me you can see that in multiple posts. In fact, the main person that sees me at my worst is my husband, and he does his best to make it better.

dont look like depression

Why I make the best of everything

If I get out of bed, I know that I am going to make an effort to make it a great day. I’ll make an effort to be social and make my presence known and I’m pretty good at it. I can fake my happiness pretty well but that’s because I have had a bit of practice. When I make an effort, my depression takes a seat in the back and I can live life how I want to.

What you might not see

When I am alone, I don’t smile and I hardly laugh. I keep a pretty blank face and I don’t really show any emotions.

I’m quiet to the point where it can scare me and that is why you will always find me having some sort of noise going. Whether it is listening to some classical music or having a table fan going I can not sit in the quiet.

I will also find myself eating a lot when I’m alone and it’s something I hate because I am usually not eating anything healthy. Which makes it difficult to stay healthy.

dont look like depression

So, on the outside, no I don’t look like I have depression, but on the inside, I fight the battle every day, and sometimes it is not an easy one. But, I am making it and I am pulling through this journey one foot out of bed at a time.

My advice is to remember that you might not see it, but someone may have an illness you can’t see. So, please remember to be patient and show them as much love as you can. Talk to them, listen to them, and most of all never judge them. You will never know what they are battling on the inside!

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