Marriage and Mental Health (From a Husband’s POV)

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today’s mental health post will be from my hubby’s mind. He wanted to have a guest spot on this post so, I’m letting him have the spotlight today! He wanted to share 8 ways he helps me with my anxiety and depression.

8 Things I do to Help My Wife’s Anxiety and Depression

Found her Emotional Support Animal

I was headed to a location one night when I found this little pup and knew I couldn’t leave him behind. So, I finished my work, loaded the little guy in my truck and told my wife to come and get him. What I didn’t know was that he would be the perfect thing we needed to help her out.

Talk & Listen

I know exactly when she needs to talk or when I need to listen. There are some days when she comes home after a long day, and I know I need to be there for her no matter whatever she needs.

Avert Her Attention

Making her laugh is always important to me. Especially, since I know that it helps her depression and gets her mind off of whatever is bugging her. I will also talk to her about what is going on with her niece and nephews because I know they always make her feel better.

Bring her favorite snack

My wife loves cookies! And I do my best to bring her them whenever I know they will help her out. Those darn cookies always put a smile on her face.

Notes & Pictures

I am no poet or artist, but I love leaving little notes for her so she knows I love her and to have a good day. My drawings are terrible, but she loves them, and I know she will always smile when she looks at them.

Be Patient & Help Her Work Through it

Her depression can get ugly sometimes and her anxiety shows it. That is when I know I need to be extra patient and give her space and the time she needs. I also know when she needs to work through whatever is going on in her head, so she can move past it and get her head in a better space.

Trips to the bookstore

As you can probably tell, my wife loves books, and the bookstore is her happy place. I don’t know what it is, but she always seems so much better and so calm as soon as we walk in the doors. Of course, I let her do her own thing and she can always find me with the sports magazines, once she is ready.

Try not to complain

I know I shouldn’t complain at all but sometimes I forget and things slip, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. My advice to anyone married to someone with a mental illness is to always be patient and caring. My wife is my everything and if I complain it makes things a little tougher, but she hangs in there with me. Just like I hang in there with her.

Marriage and Mental Health

My hubby is pretty great! He knows exactly what I need way before I do, and that’s what I need the most. I love him with all I can and do everything I can to open up to him when I need to. I hope you Peeps enjoyed some words from my hubby and if you like posts like these please let me know. Maybe I can feature him again.

If you are married to someone with a mental illness, what are somethings they do to help you?

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