10 Minute Challenge for Better Self Care

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I watched a Facebook live video that made me realize I need to take some time for myself. My self-care is seriously slacking and I really need to work on it. So, what am I going to do? I am going to take 10 minutes every night, just for myself and work on my self-care. I also want to take the time to help you out and challenge you for to take 10 minutes for yourself and better your self-care.

10 minute challenge better self care

10 Minute Challenge for Better Self-Care

So, here is my challenge take 10 minutes every day for yourself. That’s it just 10 minutes. Take 10 Minutes to do something for yourself. I’m even gonna give you a list because there are some many solo things you can do to help be a better you.

  • Meditate/Yoga
  • Write in a journal
  • Take a nap (this is one of my faves)
  • Read a book
  • Paint/Sketch
  • Listen to some self-help podcasts
  • Go for a walk to soak up some sun
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Dance

Of course, there are plenty more, these are just some of the things I want to try. For this challenge, I am even going to be recording what I did and the things I learned. I want to get the most I can out of this challenge, just like I want you to do. So, I am giving you a free printable to record your challenge.

10 minute challenge better self care

So, let’s do this together and get our self-care on! This challenge is going to be so much fun and make you a better you. I will be doing short videos on my Facebook page of what I learned and how this challenge is helping me. Hopefully, these videos will help me break a fear of mine, and I’ll learn something else about myself.

Also, let me know which self-care you are going to partake in? I would love to know what know what you learn!

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