Not So Hot Spotlight Sunday

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a not so hot spotlight Sunday. That means I used to love this series and wanted to read them every chance I got, but now they could disappear and I wouldn’t even notice. This will also be the new Sunday series for my blog!

Divergent Series

Yep, sorry Nerdy Peeps, but this series just doesn’t spark my nerdiness anymore. It was way overplayed which made it get old pretty quick. I mean even the movies weren’t so hot. (Spoiler alert coming if you haven’t read it look away!) Why in the heck would you kill the main character/hero in the end? Yeah, I get that her death was for a great reason, but seriously you should not kill off the main character!

not so hot spotlight sunday not so hot spotlight sunday not so hot spotlight sunday

I got through this series pretty quick, but when I made it to the last book and read the part where she dies I was done! MAD, didn’t even describe what I was feeling. It was a ridiculous ending. I loved the dystopian world they lived in, and I loved the characters, but when you kill off my favorite character I get kind of pissy. That means I have no interest in ever reading the books again, or seeing the movies. Which I heard they aren’t coming out with anymore, and the TV show fell through. Well, good because it would have ended the same way as the books!

Not so Hot Spotlight Sunday

not so hot spotlight sunday

I don’t know if any other blogger has done anything like this, but I am starting a spin-off of Spotlight Sunday. Starting today I am going to start not so hot spotlight Sunday’s. My post will consist of books that I just didn’t like or that I think are way too overhyped. It’ll be about books that I have boxed away to forever live in my closet, or books that I have given away because I just didn’t want them on my shelves.

What is one book or series that you loved, but can’t stand now?


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