New Release: My Pin-Up Girl by Nicky Fox

new release my pin up girl
new release my pin up girl
I’m a farmer. I love to have my feet planted on the dirt and my hands digging in the soil. I don’t expect to have my hands on the new enticing morsel next door. She bakes me an apple pie and prances around in these sexy red boots. I’m a Southern boy with manners. The way I’m thinking about that girl is anything but friendly.Lenora
I’m a painter. I’ve moved to the countryside for some inspiration. There’s inspiration alight, right next door. When my horse dumps me right in this cowboy’s lap. He comes to my rescue while shirtless. What’s a girl to do? Sometimes you got to take a bull by the horns and giddy up.When Hunter’s farm becomes in jeopardy will their love stay strong or will it buck them off on their keisters?

new release my pin up girl
Nicky Fox

Nicky lives in the Big D, Dallas, Texas that is. She loves reading romantic books with sexy times and loves writing them even more. Nicky is a ninja, stationery addict, and a movie buff. She eats cookie dough while she writes. If you like long walks on the beach, steamy books with sexy man candy then Nicky is your girl.

My mini Review

I have not yet finished this book, but let me tell you this book is so charmingly sweet and sexy that I have not been able to put it down! Hunter and Lenora’s chemistry is absolutely adorable and I can’t get enough of them. I’m a sucker for city girl meets country boy love stories and this one is perfect.

This is all you get for now because I want to keep you guessing! I will be posting my full review once I have finished reading this adorable love story. So, my review is…

new release my pin up girl

This book is definitely a must read if you love sexy cowboys! Let me know what you think if you pick it up!

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