Without Merit Book Signing, I met Colleen Hoover!

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Oh, my goodness, I met the amazing Colleen Hoover and it was the best day ever! The whole event was so much fun and The Bookworm Box is the cutest little bookstore I have ever visited. Ever book is signed and this bookstore also hosts a subscription box every month and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. So, let me tell you about my day!

Without Merit Book Signing at The Bookworm Box

The book signing happened on October 28th, 2017 and it was my very first ever book signing. Before Colleen Hoover, I never would have thought about going to a book signing, but I love her books so much I knew I needed to get one signed!

So, when I found this bookstore a few weeks before, and heard about the signing I told my mom I needed to go for my birthday! That’s exactly what we did! We drove the hour drive to get there and got in a pretty long line (that was totally worth it!).

Meeting Colleen!

First of all, she is the sweetest person ever! And I was so nervous to meet an amazing author that I barely knew what to say when she asked questions, but I made it through and answered clearly enough. I got her to sign my Kindle signed and also my Without Merit book! She also wrote the best advice for a future author that I will hold onto forever.

without merit book signing

Now onto the goodies!

without merit book signing without merit book signing without merit book signing

I had the most amazing day, and I can’t wait for more book signings with the amazing author Colleen Hoover! Stay tuned for many book reviews of all of her books because I cannot wait to share them with all of you! I also book nerded pretty hard and talked a whole lot about everything so, of course, I couldn’t wait to share everything with all of you!



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