New Release: Veil of Darkness by Derek Adam

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a new release by the awesome Derek Adam! Veil of Darkness is live today and holy paranormal hotness I can’t wait to share it with you!

new release veil of darkness

Paranormal at its hottest

This is my very first book by Derek Adam, and I need more! After reading Veil of Darkness I have found my love for paranormal again. Plus, this book has a husky in it and I am a sucker for books with dogs. Anyway, let’s get into this review.

So, the characters in the book were perfect I loved all of them and like I said I need more! (Derek are you listening, I need more!) The book was all around perfect, the storyline fit the book perfectly in every way, and the details for everything were great. The attraction between Luca and Emma was great, I loved how it was played into the story. And who doesn’t love when two of the same people get together?

Derek Adam’s writing style makes it so easy to read way past your bedtime and fall in love with the entire book. Oh, and I also loved that it wasn’t about werewolves and vampires! These paranormal creatures are so overplayed and it’s actually the reason I stopped reading paranormal. So, thank goodness Derek brought something new to the table, because I loved Veil of Darkness!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

new release veil of darkness

Book Blurb

There’s a world just beyond the veil… in the dark, out of sight, and out of reach for most. That is where they live.

Spirits, demons, and creatures of myth.

For decades, one organization has sought to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power on the other side of the veil for its own misdeeds.

And for decades, a group devoted to protecting life and the natural order has worked to counter the efforts of evil.

Emma is the perfect guardian, living in isolation until called on, accompanied by a tenacious Siberian husky bonded as her familiar and companion. Her life and existence are devoted to one end – using her unique abilities to maintain the balance and bring an end to that which does not belong.

Luca is a paranormal expert capable of seeing beyond the veil and communicating with the other side. With his spirit companions, Sutter and Virgil, he’s called on to investigate an unusual event that will forever change him, and the small border town he once called home.

After a chance encounter, Luca will awaken something in Emma that will force her to face her most difficult struggles, and inspire a whole new reason to fight.

**I mean really come on the blurb should be enough to say YES! I am getting this book**

About Derek Adam

new release veil of darkness

Derek is a retired Emergency Medical Professional and has been a lover of telling stories his entire life, having made the transition from “filthy liar” to “sexy author” about the same time silver hairs started showing up in his face (and other places.)

In the early days, he attempted to write science fiction and high fantasy but discovered it was more fun to write about people touching other people’s tingle-places (smut is cool.) while mixing in action, explosions, and plenty of WTF moments.

He’s also a gamer, gym rat, snow hater (despite living in Michigan), life liver, stunt double for Hulk, and he considers himself to be aggressively unfancy.

new release veil of darkness

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So, yes definitely get this book! Trust me you need it! Let me know if you get it! Because you totally need it!

Also, Derek, yes Derek I am talking to you! I need more, please 🙂

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