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November 2017

Guest Post: 7 Tips to Cope With Anxiety

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Let’s give a big nerdy welcome to Zoey from Zoey-Valuated! She is a fellow blogger and a new-found friend! Let’s give her some love and see what we can learn from her tips!

guest post 7 tips cope anxiety

Hi there, Jessie’s readers! I’m so excited to be here, been a big fan of Nerdy Book Life for quite a while now! Thanks for having me, Jessie! I’m going to be sharing a few little tips about coping with anxiety with you today.

I have a super rare condition called familial dysautonomia, it’s a mouthful, I know. If you ever want to read more about it, you can go here: With this condition, comes anxiety, something I didn’t want to accept for a long time. But trust me, having anxiety is super common and not something to be ashamed of. Anxiety and any other mental health issues make us all who we are and make us stronger than ever.

Here are some ways I deal with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder…

Breathing – It seems so small and simple, but just taking a moment to take some deep breaths can go a long way.

Accepting – Once I finally realized that this wasn’t “just the way people are”, and that I do have anxiety, I was already on the road to finding some solutions.

Distracting – In the worst cases, I watch Ellen videos or my favourite TV shows… blogging is also one of my go-to’s

Meds – It was hard for me to accept that I needed medication. For some reason, I thought people would judge me, or maybe I was judging myself, who knows? Either way, the medication has helped keep me sane.

Opening up – Being open and honest can be really helpful. I always find this one hard, but I finally learnt that I have nothing to be ashamed of. Talking with my people or with my therapist is always very helpful for me!

Organizing – Maybe its just me, but whenever I’m overly anxious about something, I clean. Washing the dishes, folding laundry, it all makes my worries seem a little less hard to handle.

Dancing – Okay, so this one is slightly embarrassing. There have been one or two times where dancing it out really helped. Who knew, Greys Anatomy got this one right!


Thanks for reading my guest post, and another huge THANK YOU to the wonderful Jessie for inviting me! Hope these tips prove helpful!

If you ever want to check out my other posts, you can go to my blog here:

Like myself, Zoey also copes with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I know I am going to put these tips to good use! Thanks again, Zoey, for visiting! It’s always a good time working with you!

Our Journey, One year Later

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! This isn’t going to be my usual bookish post on a Tuesday. Instead, I am bringing you an update post on something that happened exactly a year ago today.  My blog post titled The Accident has gotten the most views on my blog and so I thought I would bring y’all an update on how the year has progressed.

Our Journey One Year Later

From November 28, 2016 to November 28, 2017 we went through a whole lot more than we ever wanted to. So, let me start by telling you it has been one heck of a year. We have been through the ringer, but we stuck together and made it through. A year ago today, my husband was almost taken from me in a single vehicle accident. Still, to this day we aren’t exactly sure what caused his accident, and I don’t know if we ever will. All I do know is I am very lucky to have my husband here with me.

As you can see from the accident, I have a very stubborn and strong-willed husband on my hands. From flipping his truck on Nov. 28, 2016, to now, he’s been through several surgeries, but he’s still kicking it with me and doing the best he can to get back to normal.

Despite some bumps in the road and other things that hit our marriage on top of the surgeries, I stayed by his side and fought this journey with him. There were times I was pretty sure we were going to have to move in with our parents, but some how we made it. We held onto everything we had and did everything we could to stay on our feet, and through hope and the strength of each other, we made it.  Now, as of today he is 100% back to himself and has finally gone back to work for an amazing company.  We are far from where we want to be, but by the grace of God we will get there again one day.

My Advice

So, as you can see you can go through absolute Hell, but with the right person by your side, you can make it through anything. Also, hang on to your faith and remember that no matter what God won’t throw you anything you can’t handle. He threw a lot at us in the past year, but we held onto Him and made it through everything one step at a time!

And as always my moto will always be to NEVER GIVE UP!

our journey one year later

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Review of The Haunting of Hattie Hastings

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! I’m so sorry I have been absent I was having some issues with my site, but I am up and running and ready to bring you a new review! Today I am bringing you a review of The Haunting of Hattie Hastings (Part One). Now, put your giggle pants on, because this will be a funny ride.

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings (Part One)

A whole lot of laughs, packed in a short book. I could not put this book down. I was afraid it was going to be a sad story, kind of like the movie Ghost, but I was so wrong.  What husband returns to haunt you and notices that you need to have your roots done?  I loved the way Aubrey brought all the characters into the story. They all had a way of making the story perfect. Gary was a real hoot, I loved how he just popped in at the most random times, and would sometimes vanish right after.

My favorite thing about the book had to be the love that Hattie and Gary shared. You could tell just how much they adored each other, and Aubrey did a perfect job of depicting that throughout the book. Also, she did a great job of using the different characters as narrators. I loved that it didn’t get confusing and you could clearly tell who was telling the story.

Now, my only dislike. What am I supposed to do until part two? Come on Aubrey you left me hanging and now I have to wait “patiently” for the second book. This is going to be difficult, but I can’t wait for part two!

** I received this book in exchange for an honest review **

review haunting hattie hastings

Book Blurb:

Some people just won’t take death lying down …!
Part one of a fun-filled but moving romantic comedy about life, death and letting go.
Hattie Hastings is happily married, even if husband Gary drives her up the wall at times. When tragedy strikes, she is left alone and heartbroken, with only an assortment of family and friends to prop her up.

Struggling to cope, she is left reeling when her deceased other half returns to haunt her, popping up at the most inappropriate times, with an unorthodox way of flagging his arrival.

Hattie struggles to convince anyone that Gary has returned. Not even her best friend, Cat – now free from the cruel and controlling Stewart – will believe her story.

Why has Gary returned? Will he allow Hattie to find happiness again, or will he stand in the way of any future romance? And what will Cat do when her slimy ex-husband tries to worm his way back into her affections?

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings will make you laugh, cry and count the weeks until Part Two …

Thank you so much to Aubrey Davis and Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me the opportunity to read such a great story!

This is a book you definitely want to pick up Nerdy Peeps! It’s short and sweet and the perfect read for when you’re feeling down!


Buy on Amazon

Find Aubrey and Rachel

Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Resources 

Aubrey on Goodreads

I Dare You Book Tag

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! I needed a book post idea for today so, I did what I do best and I Googled! Through my google adventure, I came across a blog with a tag that looked like a lot of fun so I decided to give it a go! So, thanks to chellesbookramblings, for the tag!

I Dare You Book Tag

I hope you’re ready to hang out for a bit because we got 20 questions to answer!

1. Which book has been on your shelf the longest?

To Kill a Mockingbird! This book is my all time favorite and I will probably read it again for the 4th time one day. Now, on my Goodreads list, the book that has been on there the longest is, The Ghost and the Goth by  Stacey Kade.


2. What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?

  •  Current read is, Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
  •  My Last read was Gingerbread at Moonglow by Deborah Garner
  •  Next read will probably be, What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, 99 Days by  Katie Cotugno, or The List by Siobhan Vivian. ( I really can’t decide)

I Dare You Book Tag

3. What book(s) did everyone like but you hated?

I have two choices to this question. Now, don’t hate me these are just books I couldn’t get into. Those books would be Harry Potter and the Mortal Instruments series. I just can’t with these two series.

4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but probably won’t?

This would probably be the Red Queen series. They have been on my Too Read list for quite a while and I have yet to read them. I read the first one and I liked it, but I don’t see myself getting to the rest anytime soon.

5. Which books are you saving for retirement?

Um… None of them! That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard of!

6. Last Page: Read it first, or wait until the end?

Wait until the end! I have no intentions of ruining the story!

7. Acknowledgments: wast of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

I don’t even bother with it. I usually just skip it. Now, if it’s a favorite author then I’ll probably skim through it.

8. Which book character would you switch places with?

McKinley Mills from Southern Pleasure by Kaylee Ryan. At first, she’s confused and doesn’t want to realize that she is in love with Evan and that Evan is in love with her, but towards the end, she finally gives in. Evan, McKinley, and his little girl make such a beautiful family.

I Dare You Book Tag

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, place, a time)?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I chose this one because it reminds me of my friendships in high school. I had a few very close friends in high school and no we didn’t share a pair of pants but we did share a lot of laughs and good memories.

10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.

I think other than giveaways, I haven’t acquired books in an interesting way. Just the normal way.

11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person?

I love giving books to my niece and nephews. Their faces light up and it makes my heart warm to see how happy they are.

12. Which book has been with you the most places?

To Kill a Mockingbird! This one has been with me everywhere!

I Dare You Book Tag

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?

Great Expectations! I hated this book in high school and I actually used Spark Notes for most of my tests and quizzes. Fast forward to a few years after high school and I now love the book!

14. What’s the strangest item you’ve found in a book?

Notes, I have found quite a few notes inside books and some of them were a little weird.

15. Used or Brand New? 

Both! A book is a book.

16. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

Nope, and I probably never will. Just not my cup of tea.

17. Have you ever seen a movie you like better than the book? 

Nope, I have always liked the book better. Movies always mess things up.

18. Is there a book you think never should have been published?

Nope, every book is published for a reason. A book might not be my cup of tea, but it might be someone else’s.

19. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks excluded? 

Once again, that would be Gingerbread at Moonglow! Oh, my goodness, cookies!

20. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

This one has me stumped. Mine is more of a what, instead of a who. I use YouTube, Pinterest, and Goodreads, for most of my book advice.

I Dare You Book Tag

This was actually a lot of fun and it took quite a bit of thought, but my brain needed the exercise. Now, this is an open tag so, have at it and have fun!


Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd in Your Life

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! It’s getting closer to that wonderful time of year! Now, I’m pretty much doing this post so I can give my family and Hubby some gift ideas on what to get me. Then I figured there were other peeps with book nerds in their families so this post might help more than just me.

Christmas gifts book nerd

Christmas Gifts fit for a Book Nerd

  • Book Quote prints/posters
    • These would be fun for decorating our reading space or office!
  • Bookish smelling candles 
    • Well if they are anything like me they probably love the smell of books! So, bookish candles would make them happy.
  • Bookish Jewelry/Accessories 
    • I would love to be decked out in bookish jewelry or accessories. There are some really cute pieces out there!
  • Bookish Clothes
    • Um, hello! Who doesn’t want to wear nerdy clothes with awesome sayings on it?
  • Book Ends
    • Every book nerd has bookshelves and what better way to keep your books upright than with bookends.
  • Bookish pillows/blankets
    • Us book nerds like to be comfy when we read, so pillows and blankets are a must when we read!
  • E-Reader Covers
    • Along with physical books, must book nerds have an e-reader, so a cover would be great to keep our e-reader safe.
  • Gift Cards to our favorite bookstores 
    • When in doubt gift cards are always a good way to go.
  • Last but certainly not least… BOOKS!
    • We love books, hence the term book nerds! So, why not get us a bunch of books! (Just try to pick the genre(s) we like before you go in blind!)

There you have it, you none bookish people! These gift ideas should help you in picking out the perfect gift for your lovely book nerd. Pretty if you get us anything book related, we will love you no matter what!

Christmas gifts book nerd

Now, you probably need some links on where to find some of these gifts, so here ya go!


Book Nerd Website 1

Bookish Type Prints/Posters

Flickering Tales on Etsy (Bookish Candles)

And of course, you can search Book Nerd Gifts on Amazon!

So, now you won’t be lost when you look for all those bookish gifts!

What are you looking forward to getting? Do you have anything I need to add?