Book Review for A Pearl for My Mistress

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a new review for A Pearl for My Mistress. This book was perfect for my history nerdy side!

A Pearl for My Mistress by Annabel Fielding

This book was so beautifully written I couldn’t get enough. It is set in one of my favorite era’s and Annabel depicted the 1930’s time period perfectly. I also love Lucy’s look on life and how she does her own thing.

Now, when you put history and romance together I am one happy nerdy reader and I loved Hester and Lucy’s relationship. The way they grow from being friends to falling in love was the best ever I just couldn’t. It was perfect! As for the history parts of this book, Annabel did perfect and you could tell she really did her research. I was so happy that she didn’t try to fake it like I have seen done with other historical fiction reads.

Also, you would think with everything packed into this book it would be overwhelming, but nope it wasn’t. It was so easy to follow and everything made sense and made the whole story work together. It was seriously the best!

** I received this book from NetGalley **

book review pearl mistress

Book Blurb:

A story of class, scandal and forbidden passions in the shadow of war. Perfect for fans of Iona Grey, Gill Paul, and Downtown Abbey.

England, 1934. Hester Blake, an ambitious girl from an industrial Northern town, finds a job as a lady’s maid in a small aristocratic household.

Despite their impressive title and glorious past, the Fitzmartins are crumbling under the pressures of the new century. And in the cold isolation of these new surroundings, Hester ends up hopelessly besotted with her young mistress, Lady Lucy.

Accompanying Lucy on her London Season, Hester is plunged into a heady and decadent world. But hushed whispers of another war swirl beneath the capital… and soon, Hester finds herself the keeper of some of society’s most dangerous secrets…

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Definitely, check this book out if you love historical fiction and romance! You won’t be disappointed! 


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