Book Review of Forbidden Fantasies

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a book review Forbidden Fantasies by Sai Marie Johnson. This book was unlike anything I expected and I loved it!

My Thoughts

I went into this book not knowing much because I wanted to go in surprised. And boy was I surprised! Sai brings you the perfect paranormal fantasy, unlike anything I have ever read. I loved every word I read and could not stop reading. It was beautifully written and had the perfect amount of romance, hate, and action, that you won’t be able to get enough.

book review of forbidden fantasies

My favorite character was the lovely Araceli. I felt like I could really connect with her well minus the whole being a vampire hehe, but she was the nerdy college girl who would rather stay in and study than go out. I was the same way, and when she did go out all Hell broke loose. So, see you should always just stay in a study. Just kidding, don’t be a bump on a log, you gotta get out there and experience all the adventures life has to offer.

book review of forbidden fantasies

I also loved how at first Abel was a jerk, but he was still protective of Araceli. He was your typical knight in shining armor, but with a bad ass exterior, which made him pretty sexy. Their relationship was a good one and I loved how Sai combined the romance and the tension in just the right way.

If you love evil female vampires, a bad ass couple who wants to save the world, and sex (because yes, there is sex) then this book is perfect for you.

About Sai Marie Johnson

Sai Marie lives, works and writes from her majestic home State of Oregon. A creative mind whose work can be found in a multitude of genres.

Where to find her:

Sai Marie Johnson



book review of forbidden fantasies

Let me know if you check this book out! I would love to hear your thoughts!


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