Christmas Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Hey Nerdy Peeps! There are 10 days until Christmas! Yes, you read that right, 10 days until Christmas! So, that means you need some more ideas on Christmas gifts! On another post I gave you gift ideas for the book nerd in your life, so now you need ideas for the writer in your life. So, here are Christmas gifts for the writer in your life.

Christmas Gifts for your writer

Like any great writer, ideas can pop into your head at any time, even in the shower! So, why not surprise the writer in your life with a waterproof notepad!

Introducing Aqua notes!

Christmas gifts writer life

Now this one looked pretty cool! There are times I always get stuck as a writer and this gift looks like the perfect answer. Writer’s block be warned because this emergency pack will be the death of you!

Christmas gifts writer life

Every writer needs a journal. So, why not replace all of the boring ones they use with a beautiful leather one.

Christmas gifts writer life

I have always wanted an old-fashioned quill or an old-fashioned fountain pen. So, I did some searching to find one and thanks to Amazon I found plenty!

Christmas gifts writer life Christmas gifts writer life

Here is something a little more girlie. I saw this charm bracelet and my little writer heart did all kinds of happy jumps!

Christmas gifts writer life

Now a here is a gift that made me laugh… Writing for Dummies… Now, I thought there was going to just be one book, but there are tons! They are for different types of writing, and they are amazing!

Christmas gifts writer life

And last but not least… I have always wanted a typewriter, but they are so expensive! I still want one though!

Christmas gifts writer life

(Now, If anyone knows where I can find a vintage typewriter, please let me know!)

So there you have it! Lots of ideas for the writer in your life! Now, get to shopping because you only have 10 days left!

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