Happy Late Birthday Nerdy Book Life

Hey Nerdy Peeps! It’s my blog’s late birthday! That means we get to celebrate in the best way I know how! That’s with an overview of everything I’ve learned from blogging and also how much I’ve grown.

Happy Birthday Nerdy Book Life

It’s a Celebration!

Nerdy Book Life was born on February 8, 2017! Since then it has grown to be the greatest adventure I have ever been on!

Facebook – Nerdy Book Life – 746 Followers!

Instagram – Nerdy Book Life – 218 Followers!

Twitter – Nerdy Book Life – 576 Followers!

Blog – 121 Subscribers!

A Look Back At Non-Bookish Posts!

The very first post I ever made! Life At Its Finest! 

I was such a baby blogger and had no idea what I was doing, but I couldn’t wait to get started. It was such a short post, but I loved writing it.

My post with the most views of all time! Think Positive, Be Positive, Stay Positive!

I hate negativity and this post is all about positivity. It was part of a blogging challenge I did and I loved it. I was in a bad place and this post helped a lot.

First post with a look at my life with anxiety and depression. Why I Choose to Take Medication to Help with My Depression and Anxiety! 

I still take medication to this very day, and it helps tremendously.

Happy Birthday Nerdy Book Life

Now, let’s move onto my favorite bookish posts!

Oh, the tags!

This or That Book Tag

I Dare You Book Tag

Of course, there are others but I loved doing these!

Other lovely book posts!

Without Merit Book Signing, I met Colleen Hoover

My very first book signing and it was amazing.

Book Review: This Song Will Save Your Life

10 Problems Every Book Nerd Faces!

Oh, and here is the one post I had a ton of fun writing!

5 Struggles of Being Married To a Book Nerd

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me happy birthday to Nerdy Book Life! Happy Birthday to me!!

The life of a blogger has taught me a lot about myself and it has also brought me out of my shell more than I thought it would. I am pretty much an open book thanks to this baby of mine. It has also helped me find my passion and the career I want to follow. Thanks to Nerdy Book Life, I have found my love for writing again and I can’t wait to one day become a published author.


  1. Katisha @ Reel Literature February 13, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Happy Nerdy Birthday!! It’s so great that blogging has helped you find your passion with writing again! Best of luck with one day becoming a published author! 🙂

    1. NerdyBookLife February 13, 2018 at 4:13 pm

      Thank you!

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