10 Things I Can’t Stand

Hey Nerdy Peeps! There are just some things I can’t stand and I need to get them off my chest. So, sit tight and hang out for a minute while we discuss stupid things!

10 Things I Can’t Stand

Horrible book to movie adaptations

I mean seriously at least follow the book and get the character descriptions right!


I can’t stand feet! They are just gross!

Bad book beginnings that don’t follow cliffhangers!

This doesn’t even need an explanation.

When they change book covers to match the movie

It’s just dumb, stop doing it!

When someone tells me my dogs aren’t my babies

You can go on with that nonsense because they are my babies!

Bad hair days

I hardly get up with enough time to get ready and leave, so I really need my hair to cooperate.


Just stop! It’s not worth it and it hurts people!

Feeling like I’m not good enough

Yeah, that feeling really sucks!

Pushy salespeople

If I want to buy anything you’re selling, I’ll let you know! Don’t push me.


Sweetheart, no one is perfect, so just give up.

10 things I can't stand

I feel so much better! That’s exactly the post I needed to feel somewhat better today. What are some things you can’t stand? Do we share any?


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