The Forever Night Stand Book Review

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a review of a very adorable short novella that was the best romance I have read in a while. So, let’s get on with this review!

the forever night stand book review

The Forever Night Stand Book Review

This book was absolutely perfect. It was cute and quirky and I loved the dual POV. It will also pull at all of your emotions. You will laugh, get mad, be sad, and love just like Sara did. Sara fought through cancer, and fidelity, to finally find true love.

In this short little story, you see Sara’s love interests and I was only a fan of one. Raj was a good character but I hated his marriage views. (Spoiler alert) I’m so glad he didn’t win. Now George on the other hand, he’s great! He looks out for Sara in every which way. Although he left her 18 1/2 years ago, he still stuck around through all her issues. I was glad they had their happily ever after. “Finally”

If you need a short love story that won’t take you very long to read then you will love this book. Give it a chance!

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review**

About Bena Roberts

Bena Roberts was a journalist and analyst. Now she prefers the title novelist and romance adventurist. She graduated in England in 1994 and then with a Masters in 1997.

Born in 1973, Bena lived in West London until she was 24. Then she lived and worked in Budapest, Bruges, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg and Munich. She currently resides in Germany, between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. Although she still refers to London as ‘home.’

Bena successfully created a technology blog which gained funding, had lunch with Steve Ballmer and was ‘top 50 most influential woman in mobile.’ Her blog also won several awards including Metro Best Blog.

Bena has two children, loves small dogs and always writes books with a cup of Earl Grey.

I can’t wait to read more from the lovely Bena. If any of her books are as good as this one, then I know I will love them.

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  1. Bena Roberts May 24, 2018 at 9:58 am

    Thank-you so much for this lovely review!!
    I really appreciate it. I am so happy that you enjoyed my novella – I had a lot of fun writing it!
    Thank-you even more for adding such a cool new graphic – I added it to Pinterest. I am so stoked that you took the time to make one!!
    Warm regards

    1. NerdyBookLife May 24, 2018 at 10:04 am

      Anytime! I love your writing style and the characters were adorable!

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