I love books, I also love life. There was a time when life wasn’t the best, and I didn’t think it mattered. Now I live my life to the fullest, and go on the greatest adventure through the pages of books!

So, you’ll get to see a peek into my life, and travel the same adventures as I go through my favorite books.

So I’m Jessie,

Three years ago I packed up and moved to East Texas, funny thing is, it wasn’t because of a man. It was to escape a not so great situation and to feel safe again. I’m 26, and before now life was a nightmare. Now life has its moments, but it’s an absolutely beautiful chaotic mess.

I’m now married, and I have two four-legged children, who bring me the most joy. Along with books, I love to write, and you can find journals with snippets of my writings pretty much everywhere. Life is also really important to me because I wanted to give up on it a couple of times, but now I know that wasn’t worth it, and I live my life to the fullest every day.

Why I started this blog,

I wanted to share my passion of books, and love of life with people. To put it simply, I escape reality through pages of books, and I want to share those adventures with all of you. I want people to fall in love with books just like I have.

As for life, I want you all to see why life is important. I want yall to see that life is beautiful and can be so much fun! So, I hope through my post you can see that life isn’t worth giving up!


My fave things!  


  • Books
  • Horses
  • The country 
  • Being an Aunt  


Things I may be working on

(shhh it’s a secret)


Talk to me: nerdybooklife@gmail.com
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