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Top 8 Books I Read in 2018

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Here it is the top 8 books I read in 2018. They won’t be in any particular order but the last book I talk about will be my top favorite for 2018. First though let’s talk new posting schedule. Mental health and I are not getting along, and I know I’ve been absent, but that’s going to change. I plan on getting at least two posts out per month.

Since I’ve lost my job back in October it’s been a whirlwind of emotions, and I’ve had no motivation to do much, and that includes writing. I have some stories I need to work but I have no creative motivation and it sucks, but I plan on picking it back up soon. So, stay tuned for new stories!

Top 8 Books I Read in 2018 

Two’s Company
By Alice La Roux

This book was hot! I loved everything about it and it’s definitely one you need to pick up. It’s also a steamy office romance and who doesn’t like those? It also features the gorgeous Mira who is a girl with some curves, and I loved it! Alice outdid herself on this one! 

By Sarah Darer Littman

This book falls under the YA category and I have steered away from those until I picked this one up and couldn’t put it down. Backlash deals with a lot of depression and online bullying which is something that needs to change in this world. I hated reading what Lara was going through, but I loved following her story. Bree was such an ugly “friend” to do what she did. This one is also a must read.

Instructions for a Secondhand Heart
By Tamsyn Murray

Oh now, this one will pull at your heartstrings (no pun intended). It was another book I couldn’t put down and you will love it if you pick it up. This book introduces you to Johnny, who needs a new heart. When Neve loses her twin brother, Leo, Johnny finally gets the heart he’s been needing. A new heart leads to a new relationship between Neve and Johnny. 

By Katherine Turner

Here was my spooky read for Halloween. I was on the edge of my seat through every page. When Elaine loses her best friend from something that came out of the Ouija board she has to figure out how to make it go away. Definitely read this one with the lights on because you will be spooked.

By R.R. Banks

I love me some forbidden romances, especially those college professor/student relationships. Falling for your TA should be a crime, but Jude and Veronica wouldn’t let that stop them. Their relationship will pull at every emotion you have and you won’t put the book down.

She’s a Tiger Lily
By Tiffany Carby

Where do I even start with this one? This features the Griffin Gas Company and all their sexy employees. By sexy I mean shirtless hunks who work for a full-service gas station. She’s a Tiger Lily introduces you to the sexy son of Raleigh and Daphne, Wil, he is swoon-worthy and taken. That’s right ladies he’s taken by the gorgeous Lily, so if you want to hear their story… Read the book.

Stay a Little Longer
By Jess Bryant

This was my first male/male romance and I have got to say I’m a fan. Stay a Little Longer features famous country singer Trent Thorne who was outed without wanting to be. Now, he finds himself in the little town of Fate, Texas and next door to the hot cop who is still in the closet. That doesn’t stop them from starting a relationship, but every great relationship has its bumps. Definitely read the book if you want to find out those bumps.

Last but not least… The number one book I read in 2018 is…

Girl Wash Your Face
By Rachel Hollis

This book was a life turner for me. I learned so much about myself through this book. I’ve also worked on myself a lot since I’ve read this book. It has helped me overcome a lot of my insecurities and mental health issues. Of course, mental health is a long, hard journey, but I will get through and thanks to this book I will learn to love myself to get through it.

There ya have it! The top 8 books I read in 2018! These books were definitely my favorite to read for this year. I also plan on reading more from the above authors. Their writing styles and the stories they come up with they are always heartwarming and pull at all the right emotions. I can’t wait to share my 2019 reading list with all of you, so stay tuned for the next post! 

Deadly Love is Finally Here

Hey Nerdy Peeps! It’s here! Deadly Love is finally here! My book baby is live and it’s here! This is a huge dream come true and I am so excited! 

Deadly Love is Finally Here

Deadly Love is Finally Here

Lexi Madison wasn’t the girl she used to be in Detroit. She did her best to leave her past where it belonged in the past. That even meant leaving the man she shot there. There was no way she was going to marry her father’s drug dealer’s son, even if she knew him.

Derek never wanted to live in his father’s footsteps, but he knew he wanted Lexi, even if it meant tricking her. The only thing he didn’t see happening was being shot by the one woman he loved. They may have been best friends, but now he was pissed.



Deadly Love is Finally Here

I love new friends! 

You can follow me on these pages! I post all kinds of updates and occasionally a fun game and giveaway! 

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Deadly Love is Finally Here

Thank you so much for all of your support with this release. I can’t believe this is actually happening and I am so grateful for all of the love and support! I have a huge thank you post coming soon, so stay tuned for that. You can also expect to be spammed by all kinds of Deadly Love post for the next few months, and a very special announcement! 

Have You Met My Book Baby?

Hey Nerdy Peeps! HAve you met my book baby? I honestly wasn’t sure when I would make this post and I can’t believe I’m typing these words. My book baby is done with edits! So, here is a sappy post that will be full of tears and happiness! 

Have You Met My Book Baby?

Deadly Love is ready to publish

I cried when I edited the last edit for my book baby. They weren’t sad tears, or tears of frustration, they were tears of happiness. I have put long hours and tears and frustration into this book, and I can’t believe it’s finished. 

I guess now comes the part of publishing. That means there will be a pre-order link coming soon and then a purchase link, and let me tell that this part is what I’m really nervous about. 

Why are you nervous Jessie? 

Because I am putting my book baby out there. I’m putting my dream out there. People are going to read it and I hope y’all fall in love with it. I started this journey in November of 2017 for NaNoWriMo and it took lots of edits and lots of patience to get this far. So, guess what? I’m going to share an excerpt with you!

Have You Met My Book Baby?

*** All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise – without permission of the publisher, except as provided by United States of America copyright law.***

Chapter 1


I killed him. He was dead. I knew he was dead, I double checked. I walked over to his lifeless body and watched for his chest to rise and fall. When it didn’t move, I knew he was dead.

 The man walking towards me now said otherwise. How did this even happen? It was a clean shot, right through the heart. Then, another shot in the heart just to be sure. So, how in the hell was he walking towards my barn? I pulled my gun from my jeans. He was about 150 feet from me when I aimed and fired, only to slip on a rock and miss the shot to his head. He didn’t even flinch. In what felt like a split second, he had me pinned up against the barn wall with his hand around my throat. I then watched as he threw my gun across the field. He wasn’t cutting off my airway, but he had enough pressure to let me know he wasn’t playing.

“You missed,” he smirked. “Also, bullet-proof vests work wonders.”

“I see that,” I answered angrily. “Guess I’ll aim higher next time.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that last comment, but I would worry about that later.

I was at a loss for words. I still couldn’t believe he was alive.

The best way not to have to marry him was to shoot him.

He was the son of a drug dealer and that was not the life I wanted. Now I was screwed, especially if they found out he was alive. I did not want to marry this man. We had nothing in common and he knew I hated his guts. All I wanted to do was live a normal life without the complications of my past. Since the bullet didn’t do its job, it looked like that might change. Unless he had other plans?

You didn’t think I would give you all of chapter one, did you? Hehe nope, you’ll have to read it to find out the rest. 

Have You Met My Book Baby?

Here’s the beautiful cover for my book baby, designed by me! I can’t wait for it to be in the public even though I am freaking out! 

My next stage is formatting and once that is done, I will have a pre-order link! I am planning a party on my Facebook page – Jessie Chick and in my reader’s group – Jessie’s Nerdy Peeps! 

This is real! I can’t believe this is actually happening and it only took nine months to get here! Stay tuned for the pre-order link and other goodies! 

Books I want because of the cover

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I am all over Goodreads lately, so I have found four new books I want because of the cover! These book covers are amazing and one is pretty hot. 

Books I want because of the cover…

Who’s ready for a nerdgasm? I know I am! This book is amazing and the cover is hot! 

books I want because of the cover

Nerdgasm (noun): an emotional climax at the peak of intense (sometimes sexual) excitement, characterized by a deep attraction to nerdy things and/or people. 

The next book has one of my favorite flowers on the cover and I love the romantic vibe it gives off. 

books I want because of the cover

I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. 

I love this next cover because it looks like it’s centered around a festival and I love the confetti! 

books I want because of the cover

Meal-skipping is not an option for someone with Type 1 Diabetes, so when Julianne has a seizure in class, her father claims custody.

Now, last but certainly not least I could not leave out my favorite author and her upcoming release! All Your Perfects is coming soon and I am so fangirling over it! 

books I want because of the cover

Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

So, you see why I love these books and their covers! I’ve already purchased Nerdgasm and I can’t wait to get the rest. 

5 Recommended Books From Pinterest

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I thought this would be a fun post since book recommendations always pop up on my Pinterest feed. These books look like nothing I have read before and I have no clue on why they are being recommended but I thought I would share them with you anyway. 

5 Recommended Books From Pinterest 

This first book is one I would probably never pick up. The cover doesn’t even pique my interest. Now, the title on the other hand kinda makes me want to pick it up. So, you wanna see what it is? 

The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell 

5 recommended books from pinterest

Now, you know I’m going to look the book up on Goodreads so I can see what it’s really about. And let me tell you it actually sounds pretty great. 

Let me give you a little snippet. 

Meet the Bird family. They live in a honey-colored house in a picture-perfect Cotswolds village, with rambling, unkempt gardens stretching beyond. Pragmatic Meg, dreamy Beth, and tow-headed twins Rory and Rhys all attend the village school and eat home-cooked meals together every night. Their father is a sweet gangly man named Colin, who still looks like a teenager with floppy hair and owlish, round-framed glasses. Their mother is a beautiful hippy named Lorelei, who exists entirely in the moment. And she makes every moment sparkle in her children’s lives. (Goodreads)

Book number two is also one I don’t think I would ever pick up. The cover isn’t even appealing. So, let’s take a look at this book, shall we?

The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah 

5 recommended books from pinterest

Here’s another snippet

 To become one of only a few hundred certified wine experts in the world, Kate must pass the notoriously difficult Master of Wine Examination. She’s failed twice before; her third attempt will be her last. Suddenly finding herself without a job and with the test a few months away, she travels to Burgundy, to spend the fall at the vineyard estate that has belonged to her family for generations. There she can bolster her shaky knowledge of Burgundian vintages and reconnect with her cousin Nico and his wife Heather, who now oversee the grapes’ day-to-day management. The one person Kate hopes to avoid is Jean-Luc, a neighbor vintner and her first love. (Goodreads)

Book number three is not something that looks interesting 

Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter 

5 recommended books from pinterest

The cover of the book is not appealing at all. The title is a little intriguing, but not my fancy. 

The snippet is not even that great. 

Andrea Cooper knows everything about her mother Laura. She’s knows she’s spent her whole life in the small town of Gullaway Island; she knows she’s never had any more ambition than to live a quiet life as a pillar of the community; she knows she’s never kept a secret in her life. (Goodreads)

Book number four is appealing I like the title and I like the cover. Especially the lady in the red dress. 

The Silent Woman by Terry Lynn Thomas

5 recommended books from pinterest

Then I read the blurb and I was swayed away. Definitely not a book I will reach for. 

Catherine Carlisle is trapped in a loveless marriage and the threat of World War Two is looming. She sees no way out… that is until a trusted friend asks her to switch her husband’s papers in a desperate bid to confuse the Germans.

Soon Catherine finds herself caught up in a deadly mixture of espionage and murder. Someone is selling secrets to the other side, and the evidence seems to point right at her.

(It just seems predictable.)

We made it to book recommendation number five. The colors on the cover are lovely and I think I would pick this one up. 

A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris

5 recommended books from pinterest

So, here’s a snippet from the blurb that I think you might like. 

Detective Nate Quinn has just been cleared for active duty after a bombing killed eighteen people, including his partner, and left him dealing with PTSD. His first case back on the job involves the murder of Stephen Shaw, and his only lead turns out to be an old friend, Grace Callahan–and her life is in grave danger. Someone believes Shaw gave his psychologist information before he died. Information they are willing to kill for.

5 recommended books from pinterest

So, there you have it 5 recommendations from Pinterest I would probably never read. I don’t know what Pinterest was thinking, but these books would never cross my radar. 

Let me know if any of these suit your fancy or if I should give any of them a shot!