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Things My Pets Hate Challenge Day 3

Hey Nerdy Peeps! As you know I love my pets just like they were my children. So, I thought I’d share what they hate with you. Now, I’m going to try to make this funny, so let’s get on with things my pets hate for challenge day three.

Things my pets hate…

They hate pictures. Every time I point the camera at them they rush off, turn away, or look at me like I’m crazy.

things my pets hate challenge day 3

When I’m doing anything remotely important, such as writing or reading they can’t stand it. I either get interrupted by “hey, pay attention to me” looks, or in one case my little pup just sits on my book!

things my pets hate challenge day 3 things my pets hate challenge day 3

My bigger pup absolutely hates thunderstorms. He will either hide in the closet, or in my lap during any sort of storms.

The little guy hates sharing his toys.

If I’m in bed, they hate when I tell them no and to get down.

But most of all they hate when we are gone for any amount of time.

Now, let me tell you two things they love. Naps and cuddles!

things my pets hate challenge day 3

What are some things your pets hate? Do they share some of the same hates as my babies?

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May Blogging Challenge Day 1

My Favorite Quote, Day Two

Hello New Book and Gorgeous Cover

Hey Nerdy Peeps! This cover is hot! Hello new book and gorgeous cover from the lovely Elle Wardhello new book and gorgeous cover

Book Blurb!

Amelia Fox is a hugely successful romance novelist whose single deepest desire is a good book and a long hot bubble bath. When book sales drop and her publishing deal falls into jeopardy, she agrees to re-invent herself writing erotica. She has absolutely no idea what she’s letting herself in for.

Dillon James is devastatingly handsome, charismatic and a pleasure-seeking playboy who also happens to own Eden, one of London’s most exclusive sex clubs. Proud of whom he is and what he does, nothing scares him – until Amelia Fox comes to his club to research her next book.
As soon as he sets eyes on her, he knows that she doesn’t belong in his world.

Regardless, he wants her in his bed.

Avoiding him isn’t an option and she becomes drawn further into his world, unable to control the overwhelming desire he stirs within. Awakening deep and addicting feelings that she never knew possible.

Knowing he’ll shatter her heart – can she deny herself unknown pleasure, that only he can satisfy.

hello new book and gorgeous cover

Find on Amazon!

The lovely Elle Ward is also throwing a giveaway for an Ebook copy of Eden! Just give her page a like!


Weekend Recuperation with Lots of Self Care

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Last week was a doosey, and I wanted to stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. Depression was suffocating and anxiety held me down like a rock. Yeah, it was not a pretty week for me or my mind. So, I recuperated with a weekend of self-care.

4 Tips for Self-Care Weekend Recuperation

So, Jessie what exactly did you do? Well, let me tell you.

Tip #1: Take lots of naps.

Naps were a much-needed thing to get my mind back where I needed it to be, and when I woke up this morning I felt great. My mind was back on track and I felt relaxed and ready to conquer the week.

weekend recuperation self care

Tip #2: Escaped Reality through reading.

I read a lot and it was the best thing ever! I finished one book and got pretty far on the other one I have been reading. My current read is Instructions for a Second-Hand Heart by Tamsyn Murray, and let me tell you this it is absolutely the best book I have read in a while. Just wait for the review!

weekend recuperation self care

Tip #3: I did some painting. 

No joke, I painted four canvases in a matter of a couple of hours and I loved it. It turned out to be very relaxing and took away quite a bit of stress. I’m going to start stocking up on canvases and paints. I can’t wait to see what other things I can paint.

weekend recuperation self care
Bad picture, I know! It was the only one I had.

Tip #4: Also, just my favorite thing. 

Comfy clothes are a must for a self-care weekend. I mean you don’t need anything else, but comfy clothes, a throw blanket, sweet tea!

weekend recuperation self care

With all of those tips, you should have the perfect arsenal for a weekend recuperation. Self-care is the best way to go, take a nap, read a book, paint a picture, and wear some comfy clothes. Trust me you will thank me later!

What are some things you do for self-care weekend recuperation?

More self-care tips: 10 Minute Challenge for Better Self Care


10 Things I Can’t Stand

Hey Nerdy Peeps! There are just some things I can’t stand and I need to get them off my chest. So, sit tight and hang out for a minute while we discuss stupid things!

10 Things I Can’t Stand

Horrible book to movie adaptations

I mean seriously at least follow the book and get the character descriptions right!


I can’t stand feet! They are just gross!

Bad book beginnings that don’t follow cliffhangers!

This doesn’t even need an explanation.

When they change book covers to match the movie

It’s just dumb, stop doing it!

When someone tells me my dogs aren’t my babies

You can go on with that nonsense because they are my babies!

Bad hair days

I hardly get up with enough time to get ready and leave, so I really need my hair to cooperate.


Just stop! It’s not worth it and it hurts people!

Feeling like I’m not good enough

Yeah, that feeling really sucks!

Pushy salespeople

If I want to buy anything you’re selling, I’ll let you know! Don’t push me.


Sweetheart, no one is perfect, so just give up.

10 things I can't stand

I feel so much better! That’s exactly the post I needed to feel somewhat better today. What are some things you can’t stand? Do we share any?


Five Bookish Tattoos I Am Dying For

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I am having ink therapy withdrawals, meaning a need a new tattoo and soon! I have four tattoos so far, but of course getting a few more won’t hurt. Just gotta keep that fact from my momma. (Yes, she reads these posts.)

Five Bookish Tattoos I am Dying For

Out of all the tattoos I have, none of them are based on books. Being a nerd that should probably change soon. So, here are 5 tattoos I would love to get.

A tattoo that gives all the nerdy vibes!

five bookish tattoos dying for








I think I’ll get this one behind my ear!

five bookish tattoos dying for

Guess what? I was a girl scout and the troop I was in had nicknames for all the girls. Mine happened to be Pooh! So, why not get a Winnie the Pooh tattoo!

five bookish tattoos dying for

This is an amazing tattoo that has all my fave fairy tales!

five bookish tattoos dying for

Now, last but not least this drawing would be the best addition to all of my tattoos. I love the Beauty and the Beast and this tattoo would be perfect. The only thing I would add inside the mirror is “tale as old as time.”

five bookish tattoos dying for

These tattoos will be a beautiful addition to the ink I already have. And before you start judging me in the comments, just know that everyone one of my tattoos means something very special to me. I love each and every one of them, and I will be adding more. If you have any bookish tattoo ideas you can always share them with me.