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Spotlight Sunday

Not So Hot Spotlight Sunday

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a not so hot spotlight Sunday. That means I used to love this series and wanted to read them every chance I got, but now they could disappear and I wouldn’t even notice. This will also be the new Sunday series for my blog!

Divergent Series

Yep, sorry Nerdy Peeps, but this series just doesn’t spark my nerdiness anymore. It was way overplayed which made it get old pretty quick. I mean even the movies weren’t so hot. (Spoiler alert coming if you haven’t read it look away!) Why in the heck would you kill the main character/hero in the end? Yeah, I get that her death was for a great reason, but seriously you should not kill off the main character!

not so hot spotlight sunday not so hot spotlight sunday not so hot spotlight sunday

I got through this series pretty quick, but when I made it to the last book and read the part where she dies I was done! MAD, didn’t even describe what I was feeling. It was a ridiculous ending. I loved the dystopian world they lived in, and I loved the characters, but when you kill off my favorite character I get kind of pissy. That means I have no interest in ever reading the books again, or seeing the movies. Which I heard they aren’t coming out with anymore, and the TV show fell through. Well, good because it would have ended the same way as the books!

Not so Hot Spotlight Sunday

not so hot spotlight sunday

I don’t know if any other blogger has done anything like this, but I am starting a spin-off of Spotlight Sunday. Starting today I am going to start not so hot spotlight Sunday’s. My post will consist of books that I just didn’t like or that I think are way too overhyped. It’ll be about books that I have boxed away to forever live in my closet, or books that I have given away because I just didn’t want them on my shelves.

What is one book or series that you loved, but can’t stand now?


Spotlight Sunday Hot and Steamy Series

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! This Spotlight Sunday will consist of my all time favorite bad boy romance series. If you are younger than 18 then this post is not for you, but if you’re a curious little rebel then proceed with caution. Because this series is one hell of a dirty sexy ride.

This series is written by my all-time favorite author, and that author happens to be T.M. Frazier. She is the absolute best bad boy romance writer in my opinion. So, I guess I should let you know which series I’m talking about. Well, it is the King Series, and it’s the absolute best.

King Series by T.M. Frazier

Her series consists of 7 books. The first two being King and Doe’s story, the second being Bear and Thia’s story and the last three (which are my all time favorites!) is Preppy and Dre’s story. All three of these couples make one great sexy story.

Let me start with King and Tyrant (King and Doe’s Story) 

spotlight sunday hot and steamy series spotlight sunday hot and steamy series

These two started the King stories and they were the perfect couple for it. Doe had lost her memory and had no idea of what her past looked like. King, on the other hand, had a knack for testing the future. These two had an unlikely relationship that was always tested. King only wanted one thing and he was willing to do anything to get it. That even meant giving up Doe. I’ll let you read to find out what happens there, but the bad/good guys do end up saving the day.

T.M. Frazier will keep you on the edge seat with her amazing writing skills. She has the perfect way of making every situation in this book a tense one. And, don’t even get me started on the sex scenes. Those will have you wanting to get in bed with your significant other if you know what I mean.

Lawless and Soulless (Bear and Thia’s Story)

spotlight sunday hot and steamy series spotlight sunday hot and steamy series

Thia needed help, so she called the one man who helped her out years ago when she was just a kid. Bear being a member of his fathers MC is not this easiest man to be with. Thia has to be one strong woman to handle Bear and that’s exactly how T.M. made her out to be. I loved that Thia and Bear had a backstory and that it came back to unfold into a pretty great relationship.

T.M. Frazier does a great way of making broken characters into strong and amazing people. The way she portrays every relationship makes you never want to put the book down. Also, you gotta love a man who takes the blame for his woman. Again, you’ll have to read the books to find out.

Now, brace yourself because I am getting to my all-time favorite books in the series!

Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater 1, 2, 3

spotlight sunday hot and steamy series spotlight sunday hot and steamy series spotlight sunday hot and steamy series

Because, pancakes, and bow ties, and a little bit I mean a lot a bit of cocaine and a good screw!

Preppy is just everything I could picture a bad boy hero to be. Even coming back from the dead. Preppy has a past and T.M. Frazier gives you every single part of it, including the parts where Dre fits in. These two are my absolute favorite couple because they save each other. Dre tried many times to meet death, but a sex suspender, bow tie wearing motherf*cker decided he was better for her.

I was so excited when T.M. Frazier decided to make their story into 3 books because it just needed to be. I couldn’t get enough of these two. And I’m a sucker for hot and steamy sex scenes and stories with pancakes.

Jessie, where’s the book blurbs?

Sorry, Peeps but these are books you are going to have to just trust me on and get them for yourselves! I am not spoiling the books by giving you the blurbs. You have got to get these books and read them yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you read the King series? Or is there another series like this one that you think I need to check out?


Spotlight Sunday: Mental Health Books

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today’s spotlight Sunday came to me thanks to a fellow book blogging friend. We got to talking about a new series she wanted to start and it brought up some books she was wanting to read. Now, I want to read those books also. So, here is your Spotlight Sunday with some mental health books!

Recommendations From Shyla’s Uncensored Opinions!

Reason’s To Stay Alive by Matt Haig 

From the synopsis of this book, it is totally something I want to read. I am big on choosing to live and living life to the fullest and this book teaches you exactly that. It’ll teach you to make the best of your life while you have the time to live it. This book is also from Matt’s perspective of almost ending is life, so he gives you the best opinions on why choosing to live is so important.

Book Blurb: I want life. I want to read it and write it and feel it and live it. I want, for as much of the time as possible in this blink-of-an-eye existence we have, to feel all that can be felt. I hate depression. I am scared of it. Terrified, in fact. But at the same time, it has made me who I am. And if – for me – it is the price of feeling life, it’s a price always worth paying.

Spotlight Sunday Mental Health Books

Mad Girl: A happy life with a mixed up mind by Bryony Gordon

Just by the title, this book makes sense for my life; “A happy mind with a mixed-up life.” My mind is always happy (well despite my depression), but it is always a little mixed up. In this book, it seems like Bryony is going to give insight into her life with mental illness and how to live with it. She is going to be flat-out honest and give you the absolute truth in her mental health journey.

Book Blurb: It’s the snake in her brain that has told her ever since she was a teenager that her world is about to come crashing down: that her family might die if she doesn’t repeat a phrase 5 times, or that she might have murdered someone and forgotten about it. It’s caused alopecia, bulimia, and drug dependency. And Bryony is sick of it. Keeping silent about her illness has given it a cachet it simply does not deserve, so here she shares her story with trademark wit and dazzling honesty.

Spotlight Sunday Mental Health Books

A Life Without You by Katie Marsh 

This book doesn’t seem to fall under the mental illness category, but it is still one that has gripped my attention. A Life Without You brings you the story of a mother and daughter who haven’t seen each other in years, but the mother needs help. She is slowly losing her memory and the only one to help her is her daughter. Can helping her mother, also help her? Is the past really meant to stay in the past?

Book Blurb: It’s Zoe’s wedding day. She’s about to marry Jamie, the love of her life. Then a phone call comes out of the blue, with the news that her mum Gina has been arrested. Zoe must make an impossible decision: should she leave her own wedding to help?

Spotlight Sunday Mental Health Books

I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me – Understanding the Borderline Personality by Jerold J. Kreisman & Hal Straus

I personally do not associate with Borderline Personality Disorder, but it is something I have been wanting to learn about. So, when Ami (aka Shyla’s Uncensored Opinions) mentioned this book, I was like Yes!, this is perfect. This is a book that will help me understand another mental illness so much better. I may have anxiety and depression, but I want to learn more about other illnesses, so this book is a good one to start with this.

Book Blurb: People with Borderline Personality Disorder experience such violent and frightening mood swings that they often fear for their sanity. They can be euphoric one moment, despairing and depressed the next.

Spotlight Sunday Mental Health Books

So, here are the books I wanted to share for Spotlight Sunday! I can’t wait to get these books in my possession and hopefully get some reviews out for them. If you want to check out any mental health books and think I would like to read them share them with me.

You can find Shyla’s Uncensored Opinions Facebook here! (click her picture!)


Which mental health books have you read? Let me know if you have read any of the ones I have mentioned!

Spotlight Sunday: Book I want Because of The Movie

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! I had no intention of watching a certain movie, because well I didn’t like the Harry Potter movies. Today though, I finally watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and I loved it! The movie was absolutely amazing and I am itching for the book! So, here’s Spotlight Sunday: A Movie that Made Me Want to Read the Book!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Now, I didn’t read the book, but I did watch the movie and it was amazing! It had the best movie line and the characters were perfect from what I saw. Of course, that opinion may change when I read the book. Which will happen as soon as possible and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The movie was full of so many fun parts and I couldn’t help but laugh. There were also some parts that were intense and I was on the edge of my seat.  (I really get into movies.) The beasts were also done very well in the movie, and I was extremely impressed by how real they looked. Especially the bird/snake one or better known as the Occamy.

Spotlight Sunday: Book I Want Because of the Movie

My favorite beasts were: 

Bowtruckle – An awesome little plant thing! I need one!

Thunderbird – This amazing bird can create storms!

The Swooping Evil – A plant like bird thing, that apparently likes brains.

Demiguise – Looks like a sloth, owl thing and can also turn invisible!

Quotes I love from Goodreads:

“Imperfect understanding is often more dangerous than ignorance.” 

“People change after a while, and they’re no longer who you once knew” – Newt Scamander

It was definitely a lazy day well spent with this movie and I will definitely be watching it again. Stay tuned for when I get the book and let you know my thoughts on it!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them? Or have you read the book? Let me know! 

Sunday Spotlight: My Favorite Children’s Book

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! I totally had it planned for this post to go up on Sunday, but life got in the way and it was an amazing day! So, here we are getting a Spotlight Sunday on a Monday again. Oh, and Happy Labor Day!

The Little Engine that Could!

So, why do I love this book so much? Well, because it is the best book to teach kid not to give up! It repeats the saying “I think I can, I think I can!” For children and adults alike this book is perfect book for positivity and overcoming any obstacle put in your way! This is a great book for the whole family!

spotlight sunday my favorite childrens book

This will definitely be an everyday read for when I have children! I want to teach the value of optimism and knowing that whatever they put their minds to they can and will accomplish anything!

What is one of your favorite children’s books? Do we love the same one?

** When life isn’t so hectic Spotlight Sunday’s will be back on schedule. (well hopefully)

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