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7 Tips For the Best Valentine Date

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Happy Valentine’s Day! You probably thought I was going to bring you a post on my favorite books on love or what to get your book nerd for Valentine’s, but nope, I chose 7 tips for the best Valentine date! Also, you know I can’t do a holiday post without doing a collab with one of my fave bloggers Zoey! Check out her post on 7 Valentine’s Day Jokes!

7 tips for the best valentine date

7 Tips for the Best Valentine Date

  1. Turn off your cell phones!
    • Seriously you don’t need them. Click the off button and enjoy each others company!
  2. Grab some dinner!
    • I like Italian, but you can go where ever you want. Steak is also good for Valentine’s!
  3. Dessert!
    • Get your mind out of the gutter! I don’t mean that kind of dessert. I mean the kind of ice cream or a smoothie.
  4. Catch a movie.
    • Now, this can be at home, or at the movie theater. I prefer at home in bed cuddled up next to my favorite person.
  5. Share your favorite thing about each other!
    • Their smile, or their laugh. Maybe the way they look at you, or the way they look.
  6. Talk.
    • There is never enough time in the day to just talk. Trust me I know. My hubby works long hours and I barely see him sometimes, so I love the chance to talk
  7. Now get your mind in the gutter…
    • I’ll leave this one up to you! (Come on, you knew I’d have to throw it in here somewhere. I read erotic fiction for crying out loud.)

7 tips for the best valentine date

So there you have it! 7 Tips for the Perfect Valentine’s Date! Don’t worry, I’ll give you those other posts I was talking about, this one just seemed more fun!

Christmas Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Hey Nerdy Peeps! There are 10 days until Christmas! Yes, you read that right, 10 days until Christmas! So, that means you need some more ideas on Christmas gifts! On another post I gave you gift ideas for the book nerd in your life, so now you need ideas for the writer in your life. So, here are Christmas gifts for the writer in your life.

Christmas Gifts for your writer

Like any great writer, ideas can pop into your head at any time, even in the shower! So, why not surprise the writer in your life with a waterproof notepad!

Introducing Aqua notes!

Christmas gifts writer life

Now this one looked pretty cool! There are times I always get stuck as a writer and this gift looks like the perfect answer. Writer’s block be warned because this emergency pack will be the death of you!

Christmas gifts writer life

Every writer needs a journal. So, why not replace all of the boring ones they use with a beautiful leather one.

Christmas gifts writer life

I have always wanted an old-fashioned quill or an old-fashioned fountain pen. So, I did some searching to find one and thanks to Amazon I found plenty!

Christmas gifts writer life Christmas gifts writer life

Here is something a little more girlie. I saw this charm bracelet and my little writer heart did all kinds of happy jumps!

Christmas gifts writer life

Now a here is a gift that made me laugh… Writing for Dummies… Now, I thought there was going to just be one book, but there are tons! They are for different types of writing, and they are amazing!

Christmas gifts writer life

And last but not least… I have always wanted a typewriter, but they are so expensive! I still want one though!

Christmas gifts writer life

(Now, If anyone knows where I can find a vintage typewriter, please let me know!)

So there you have it! Lots of ideas for the writer in your life! Now, get to shopping because you only have 10 days left!

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Mental Health and the Holidays

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! IT’s the holiday season, and that means lots of parties and stress. So, I want to share with you some things I follow to stay sane during the holiday season. Holidays can take their toll on your mental health, so having the right tips can help you make it through any situation.

Mental Health and the Holidays

Don’t back out of plans.

Backing out of plans is not something that will make you feel better. So, my advice for going out to those holiday parties is to make the best of them. My momma has always taught me to make the best of things, so that’s what I do for parties.

 Find some ‘me’ time 

You are going to be dealing with a lot of people during the holiday season. So, it’s best if you find some time for yourself. Take some time to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Help someone out

I always feel better if I donate to something. It means I helped someone have a little bit of a better holiday.

Don’t shut yourself out

Always remember there is someone out there that can help you. Don’t shut out the people who mean the most to you. They are always going to be there for you no matter what and you need to remember that.

Last but not least… Never stop laughing! 

As they always say, laughter is the best medicine! So, laugh whenever you can. You can also be the reason someone else laughs!

mental health holidays

What do you do to keep your mental health in check during the holidays? I love learning new tips!

Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd in Your Life

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! It’s getting closer to that wonderful time of year! Now, I’m pretty much doing this post so I can give my family and Hubby some gift ideas on what to get me. Then I figured there were other peeps with book nerds in their families so this post might help more than just me.

Christmas gifts book nerd

Christmas Gifts fit for a Book Nerd

  • Book Quote prints/posters
    • These would be fun for decorating our reading space or office!
  • Bookish smelling candles 
    • Well if they are anything like me they probably love the smell of books! So, bookish candles would make them happy.
  • Bookish Jewelry/Accessories 
    • I would love to be decked out in bookish jewelry or accessories. There are some really cute pieces out there!
  • Bookish Clothes
    • Um, hello! Who doesn’t want to wear nerdy clothes with awesome sayings on it?
  • Book Ends
    • Every book nerd has bookshelves and what better way to keep your books upright than with bookends.
  • Bookish pillows/blankets
    • Us book nerds like to be comfy when we read, so pillows and blankets are a must when we read!
  • E-Reader Covers
    • Along with physical books, must book nerds have an e-reader, so a cover would be great to keep our e-reader safe.
  • Gift Cards to our favorite bookstores 
    • When in doubt gift cards are always a good way to go.
  • Last but certainly not least… BOOKS!
    • We love books, hence the term book nerds! So, why not get us a bunch of books! (Just try to pick the genre(s) we like before you go in blind!)

There you have it, you none bookish people! These gift ideas should help you in picking out the perfect gift for your lovely book nerd. Pretty if you get us anything book related, we will love you no matter what!

Christmas gifts book nerd

Now, you probably need some links on where to find some of these gifts, so here ya go!


Book Nerd Website 1

Bookish Type Prints/Posters

Flickering Tales on Etsy (Bookish Candles)

And of course, you can search Book Nerd Gifts on Amazon!

So, now you won’t be lost when you look for all those bookish gifts!

What are you looking forward to getting? Do you have anything I need to add?


How to Keep Up With Books and Their Reviews

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today, I thought I would bring you tips on how I keep up with the books I read and their reviews. I get a lot of requests for reviews and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of them, so I have to keep myself organized and read more than one book at a time!

How to Keep Up with Books and Their Reviews

Tip #1
Get a planner!

This is essential for keeping up with the dates. Most authors or PA’s will want the reviews posted on certain days. So, having a planner to keep up with dates is a must.

how to keep up with books and their reviews

Tip #2
Read more than one book at a time!

Like I mentioned, I get a lot of review requests, so I sometimes have to read more than one book at a time. Yeah, I know that sounds complicated, but that’ll bring me to the next tip.

how to keep up with books and their reviews

Tip #3
Keep good notes!

If you are going to be reading more than one book at a time, definitely take notes. These will help you keep the books you are reading separate and keeps you from getting your reviews confused. The last thing you want to do is mix books and reviews.

how to keep up with books and their reviews

Tip #4
Read every chance you get!

I mean every chance you get! You’ll be reading a lot and with all the review requests it’s important to utilize your time to read. Of course, it might be different if you’re a parent, but then you can always read after the kiddos go to bed.

how to keep up with books and their reviews

Tip #5
Keep a list of books you are done with!

Once you’re done with a book that doesn’t have a set review date, you don’t want to get confused and reread it when you can be focusing on the next book.

how to keep up with books and their reviews

There you have it 5 tips on how to keep up with books and their reviews. It’s not as hard as it looks and it’s also a lot of fun. You get to read all the time, I mean what’s better than that!