Top 3 UK Bookstores I would Love to Visit

I love unique and different styled bookstores, especially ones with a large variety of books. Europe seems to have some really neat bookstores, so I thought I would share my top 3 with y’all today!

Word on the Water – York Way, Granary Square, London

  • This bookstore resides in a 100-year-old Dutch barge, it literally floats on the river!
  • They sell all sorts of books!
  • The store has a wood burning stove, and performances on their roof stage!


The Bookshop – Wigtown, Scotland

  • Largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland
  • Over a mile of shelving supporting about 100,000 books!
  • They also sell all sorts of subjects, people can also trade in books for the store to sell



Libreria Alta Acqua – Venice, Italy 

  • Uses bathtubs, gondolas, and various bucket type objects for its shelving
  • Home to many stray cats who avoid the high tide by sleeping on top of the stacks of books
  • The name translates to “Library High Water” because the fire escape leads straight out to the canal



I hope you find these bookstores as unique and interesting as I did. Let me know which bookstores you would love to see and visit!!

Stay tuned for the Top 3 US Bookstores I would love to visit!!

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