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Life With PCOS Week Three

Hey Nerdy Peeps! It’s been a couple of weeks since my first update, so I thought I’d bring you guys up to speed on what I’m dealing with.


Started a medication called Provera to jump-start a period, but so far nothing. Yes, I’ll call the doctor soon I’m just waiting for the correct time limit. 

Diets suck! I’m practically eating nothing and I hate it, but I am getting the correct calories to lose weight in. 

Water and I do not mix. It just bores me. If you have any water infusing recipes I’d love to hear them! 

I’m still pretty tired all the time, but I’ve noticed that my naps are less frequent. 

I tried almond milk and I’m not a fan. It’s yucky. 

Like I said though, there might not be a cure, but I will win this fight! 

You can check out week one here:


life with PCOS week three

So, what am I up to?

I go back to the doctor for lab work on the 19th, then I go back 21 days after I finally start my period. (Personal I know, but oh well.) As for now, I am just doing my research, writing some stories, and reading all the books. Especially The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, this book is amazing! 

Now to the good stuff! 

I am part of two anthologies that are finally published! 

And my book baby will be her September 18, 2018! Let me leave you some links! 

Our Secret Nook:

life with PCOS week three 

Authors join together to support anti-bullying efforts with their words. Each has chosen one of three prompts and created a short story for your enjoyment.

1. You’re alone in your home and you keep hearing someone call out your name. What do you do?

2. Walking through an art gallery you come across a painting of yourself as a child, but it was painted more than 100 years ago.
How is this possible?

3. Driving on a dark, deserted road, your car breaks down, there is no cell service. A guy stops and offers you a ride. Do you take it? 

The Plus Sign 

life with PCOS week three life with PCOS week three

Time seems to drag. Shaking fingers, racing hearts, difficulty swallowing. Some have done this for months, each time their hearts breaking just a bit more. Others never imagined themselves in this position, disbelieving how they let it happen. They take a deep breath, willing the seconds to move just a bit faster until finally, time’s up.

It’s positive.

Take a journey through the ups and downs of pregnancy with these fourteen tales of love, loss, and hope. Featuring tears of joy, shattered dreams, newborn cries, and even a vampire, each heart-warming story is as unique as a pregnancy itself, capturing the hearts of its readers. While the ending is never predictable, one thing is for certain.

It all starts with a plus sign.

Proceeds from this anthology go directly to The Winchester Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter. For more information visit:

Deadly Love

life with PCOS week three

Lexi Madison wasn’t the girl she used to be in Detroit. She did her best to leave her past where it belonged in the past. That even meant leaving the man she shot there. There was no way she was going to marry her father’s drug dealer’s son, even if she knew him.

Derek never wanted to live in his father’s footsteps, but he knew he wanted Lexi, even if it meant tricking her. The only thing he didn’t see happening was being shot by the one woman he loved. They may have been best friends, but now he was pissed.

So, there ya go Nerdy Peep! I have been one busy girl lately. I’m working on three other anthologies for this year, and I’m fighting PCOS, so I got this! I hope (hehe). I will keep you all updated to the best of my ability. And don’t worry I have lots of reviews coming your way! 

4 Ways I Use Pinterest for Writing Tips

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I’ve been writing all kinds of goodies and I can’t wait to share them with you, but first I need to share the ways I use Pinterest to help. I have four ways I want to share with you and then I have to get back to writing. 

4 Ways I Use Pinterest for Writing Ideas

Book suggestions – 

There are so many books out there that can help you become a better writer. I have three on my wish list that I need to order thanks to a Pinterest suggestion. 

On Writing by Stephen King

4 ways I use pinterest for writing tips

Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose

4 ways I use pinterest for writing tips

2,000 to 10,000: How to write faster, write better, and write more of what you love by Rachel Aaron

4 ways I use pinterest for writing tips

Writing prompts – 

Pinterest has a ton of writing prompts. Some you don’t even have to search for. When I open my page sometimes just a picture of a pin can spark an interest. 

4 ways I use pinterest for writing tips 4 ways I use pinterest for writing tips

These two pictures have sparked interest for two different stories! 


His eyes were cold & lifeless as he stared at me.
“You have no idea who I am, do you?”

“If we get arrested it’s your fault.”

She added a charm to her bracelet for every life that she took.


Now, these pop up everywhere on Pinterest. I mean everywhere. There are tips on plot twists and character traits. Tips on beating writer’s block. Things on what not to do when writing. How to visualize the perfect setting. I mean it’s amazing how many tips you can get just from searching “writing tips” on Pinterest. 


This is the biggest help I have used. I am horrible with schedules and organization, but Pinterest helps a lot. They have so many ideas and tips that I stay on schedule for all of my stories. Whether they be short stories for anthologies or longer novellas I am always on schedule with them. 

These are some of my favorite tips and if you are writing something then I definitely would recommend these. I use Pinterest every day and I love all of the tips and tricks it offers for writing and everything else. You can follow me here

Books I want because of the cover

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I am all over Goodreads lately, so I have found four new books I want because of the cover! These book covers are amazing and one is pretty hot. 

Books I want because of the cover…

Who’s ready for a nerdgasm? I know I am! This book is amazing and the cover is hot! 

books I want because of the cover

Nerdgasm (noun): an emotional climax at the peak of intense (sometimes sexual) excitement, characterized by a deep attraction to nerdy things and/or people. 

The next book has one of my favorite flowers on the cover and I love the romantic vibe it gives off. 

books I want because of the cover

I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. 

I love this next cover because it looks like it’s centered around a festival and I love the confetti! 

books I want because of the cover

Meal-skipping is not an option for someone with Type 1 Diabetes, so when Julianne has a seizure in class, her father claims custody.

Now, last but certainly not least I could not leave out my favorite author and her upcoming release! All Your Perfects is coming soon and I am so fangirling over it! 

books I want because of the cover

Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

So, you see why I love these books and their covers! I’ve already purchased Nerdgasm and I can’t wait to get the rest. 

New Goals For a New Outlook

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I have some fresh new goals to throw at you! These are new thanks to an epiphany I had about an hour ago. So, here we go! 

New Goals for a New Outlook

  1. Publish Deadly Love 
    • Got this lovely back from the editor and that means I’m one step closer to publishing! 
  2. Get more organized! 
    • I really suck at organization. I mean really suck at it. So, I am googling and Pinning all the different ways to work on this! 
  3. Buy a house! 
    • This is a huge priority on my list!
  4. Tell more people about my business.
  5. Lose 10 pounds by the end of July
    • Yeah, this really needs to happen. So, I need to step up my nutrition game. 
  6. Work on capture page for the blog!
    • Yep, this will also happen eventually. I’m not sure what it’ll be yet, but it’ll be good!
  7. Work on book 2 for the Deadly Love series! 
  8. Work on an EBook.
    • I want to teach people how to start a WordPress site from scratch! What better way to do that than with an e-book. 

new goals for a new outlook

Eight goals for an already busy girl. I love nerding out on my life and planning all the next steps. And after a great call with my marketing coach, yesterday life got clear. I will have the best life I can imagine and it will be great! I can’t wait to take you on this new journey! 

It’s OK Not to be Perfect

Hey Nerdy Peeps! I keep seeing this quote float around on my Instagram and my Pinterest and it made me think about life. I know that sounds pretty cliché but it’s true. Let me tell you about this quote and why it’s OK not to be perfect. 

it's ok not to be perfect

It’s OK not to be perfect…

So, if you’re anything like me with your mental health journey, you think you have to be perfect all the time. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re lying to yourself. Sweetheart no one is perfect and it’s pretty much impossible to be perfect. And that’s OK! Really, it is. I’m going to give you five reasons why I’m not perfect so you know it’s OK. 

I’m late to work almost every day…

Yep, you read that right. I don’t give myself enough time to get up and get ready to make it out the door on time. So, that means I am usually wearing my hair in a ponytail, no makeup, and I’m in jeans and a t-shirt. Trust me I wish I looked more professional at work, but my snooze habit limits my time. 

I hate cleaning…

My couch is flooded with clothes, and there is probably 10 dogs worth of dog hair that needs to be swept up in my living alone. I still have clean dishes waiting to be put away in my dishwasher. But you know what that’s ok because eventually they will get put away and my clothes will be folded. I just hate doing it. 

I am always finding ways to procrastinate…

Being a writer means I have lots of deadlines, and I have never missed one. That does mean I usually wait until almost the last second to get some things done. Same goes for most of the things I need to get done, but by some miracle I get them done on time. 

I am not always positive…

Nope, you might think I am but I can be a big negative Nancy. There are just somethings that happen in my life that don’t need positivity. I always thought that always being positive would get me one step closer to perfectionism, but I will probably never reach perfectionism. 

I am me…

Now you’re probably thinking well yeah you are, but what does that have to do with anything? Well, you see, I was made in God’s image and God doesn’t make perfect people. I mean Jesus wouldn’t have died for our sins if we were perfect. So that’s why I am me. I’m just a girl trying to live her life one day at a time and trust me it’s far from perfect. 

it's ok not to be perfect

So, you see it’s perfectly Ok not to be perfect. (See what I did there.) Anyway, we all have our flaws and we all choose to live with them differently. Some of us will try to hide them, and some of us will flaunt what God gave us with no care in the world. My challenge for you is to stop trying to reach perfection. Just be you.