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Can Life be like a Waterfall?

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Today I am dabbling in poetry! I found this picture and decided I’d put my thoughts into words.


Can life be like a waterfall?
The stream is smooth and easy to navigate
Then you hit the rapids.

Can life be like a waterfall?
Life is smooth and easy to navigate 
Until there’s a pothole in your way.

The rapids are strong the rocks are sharp
And life gets harder to navigate.

You try to stand tall and fight the stream
but then you hit the waterfall.

You fall with the water afraid to hit the rocks at bottom
But when you open your eyes the pool is sparkling

Life is strong and smooth again
Life is like a waterfall
No rapids
No sharp rocks

Hang on a little longer 
You’ll fight through your waterfall

Jessie Butler 

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Why Are You So Creepy?

Day 25 of the writing day challenge is, “think of a word and search it – use the 11th image for inspiration.” Well, I was visiting my mom and all of a sudden there was a spider. I hate spiders, they give me the heebie jeebies! So, spider was the word for my inspiration and that turned into a poem.

Why Are You So Creepy?

Beady eyes and eight legs crawling

Go on the other way I don’t need the scare

No don’t jump, that’s even worse

Don’t make me squeal or run away

I don’t need your beady eyes or eight legs crawling

With little hairs and creepy walking

I’d rather you stay in your own space

Flailing arms and ninja moves

Means you need to move higher

Eat your bugs and stay away

And maybe we can be friends

But with beady eyes and eight legs crawling

I really think I’ll stick with swatting

Why Are You So Creepy?


Have you ever picked a word and used the picture for inspiration? Let me know what you came up with!