Adventures Through the Pages!

I read A LOT! I also don’t stick to one genre, because who wants to follow only one type of journey. So I may go from a young adult read about zombies (Alice in Zombieland – Gena Showalter) to a crime book about murderers set in the 1800’s (Stalking Jack the Ripper-Kerri Maniscalco) to a book about erotic fiction (King series-T.M. Frazier), the more adventures I get through the pages, the more traveling I get to do. Books take me into a place where I can escape my crazy reality, and live through someone else’s. 

I love to travel, and have physically been to some amazing places, but unfortunately traveling cost quite a bit of money. Cracking open a book, whether I have read it before or if it is new, opens a whole new world for me. I get to see a place through the characters eyes and feel what they feel, and experience what they do. There are times when I can be caught staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning (and have to be at work by 7:30am lol) just because the book I am engrossed in is way too hard to put down (hello Fifty Shades of Grey series –  EL James). To most people books are meant to be read when you have the time. Well my journeys don’t have time to be waited on, and bookstores are my favorite place to find the next adventure I need to travel to. In fact my husband hates walking into the bookstore with me because he knows it may be an hour or so before we leave. I can’t help that every book just “calls” to me, and I can’t make a decision in just a few minutes. I usually find him in the sport magazines, by the time I find what I want (he’s such a trooper). 

Some of my favorite adventures are the ones that keep you guessing until the next book in the series comes out, gotta love those cliffhangers! You get so far in you journey, and then BAM the author is just like nope gotta wait, I have a love/hate relationship with books with endings that leave me like, um no you didn’t! It cuts your journey short, so then you get caught up in another series, and before you know it that second book comes out and you’re like for real, I just started this one!  So frustrating! 

My favorite adventures are the ones that take you back in time, you know before they had phones and all that technical stuff. Back to time where the family sat by a fire and that was their entertainment, or where kids walked miles to a small school-house, where all grades are in the only classroom. The time where if you had to get a hold of someone you had to ride horse and buggy to get there or write a letter to tell someone how you have been. Those stories have the best adventures, and the best meanings behind the stories, that you could intertwine into your everyday life. You may just have to modernize the story a bit.

I have traveled all over the world thanks to books! I can’t wait for my next adventure in a new book. Currently I am traveling around London, during the 1800’s while the victims of Jack the Ripper are examined by a young girl and her Uncle the medical examiner.  

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