Dirt Tracks and Fast Lanes!

Today was like any other Saturday, I got up, got dressed, and ran errands with my husband. Well after all our errands were done, we headed to my parents house so we could go to dinner with my sister who had come to visit from out of town. We didn’t even make it out of the town we lived in when I saw red and blues in my rear view mirror! Dadgummit! The officer came up to my window and of course asked me if there was a reason I was speeding, and I said no sir I was just driving. He ran my license and came back to the car with a verbal warning and a have a nice day, I said thank you, and headed to my parents going the speed limit the rest of the way there.

We made it to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants, and we were having a great time! We were laughing and catching up, and having a few drinks, when my husband asks my sister, “hey wanna go to the races!” and of course my sister says yes! Well me, being the awesome big sister I am, couldn’t say no. So my night is being spent with my husband and little sister at one of my favorites things to watch. The good Ole dirt track races! You get loud cars, lots of dirt, concession stand food, and a great time!

Dirt track races are something my husband and I love to go watch together. We pick who we think might win just for the heck of it, but when I bring my sisters or my neice or nephew’s that’s when it becomes my favorite thing to do! I love seeing their faces light up and the excitement they get just for a dirt track and loud cars. One day, hopefully soon, my husband will have his own modified race car, and we will be doing racing every weekend. Racing is definitely his passion, and I can’t wait to see him on the track doing one of the things he loves! I’ll of course be cheering for him with our kids (when they happen) in the stands!

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