Audio VS Reading! Why I choose to physically read a book!


  • Listening to a book is of course pretty convenient if your hands are full. You can listen to a book if you’ve got household chores to get done, a workout to power through, or anything that needs your hands.
  • If you are glued to a series you can’t seem to put down, Audio books can help you get through that series is pretty quickly. You can listen as you drive, or even in a relaxing bubble bath (just put your device away from the bathtub).
  • Audio books also gives the characters more of a personality. You can hear the excitement in their dialog, the sadness, or even the anger. It gives the characters an “out loud” voice.


  • As soon as you read the first word a whole new world opens up. You get sucked into the pages, and become the character you’re reading about. Their life becomes yours.
  • Going back to look something up is a lot easier than rewind through an audio book. You can also highlight or underline your favorite part on a page, and go back to the book and page you saved.
  • Reading helps improve memory and concentration. Whereas audio books, you are usually doing something else, and most likely miss something important.  When reading you can hang on to every word, and focus on just the book before you because you don’t have time for anything else.


Books are a beautiful thing! Which is why I prefer to read instead of listening. I make time to sit down, relax, and pick up a book and read the pages. I become sucked into a world, unlike my own, and I get a chance to live in someone else’s reality. As I start reading the characters become a part of me, and I feel as if my world disappears. Reading has always helped me escape the craziness of life, travel all over the world, and inspired me to follow my dreams. 


Let me know which you prefer!! I would love to see who prefers audio books or book books!

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