Tonopah Clown Motel

Sounds creepy right!!! 

On my way to work, I listen to Sirius XM the Highway, and they started to talk about The Clown Motel. I was like there is no such thing, but no no there is a thing called The Clown Motel!

Too Many Clowns!

The motel is in Tonopah, Nevada, and is full of clowns! According to the people who run the motel it’s not for scare, but for a fun and happy stay. I’m sorry but who is happy staying in a room full of clowns! The motel is also right next to a possibly haunted Wild West cemetery, so apparently clowns aren’t enough! The motel is mainly frequented by bikers, truckers, and the long haul drivers, who need a quick stay. As of now, there are no horror stories, or any creepy clown incidents, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to check out!!

Let me know if you would stay in The Clown Motel??

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