Surviving as an Oilfield Wife

My now husband and I started dating when he was just a salt water truck driver. His schedule was 4 days on and 2 days off, so we pretty much only saw each other on his days off. Then we got married on June 11, 2016, and we saw each other mainly in passing, until days off. Now he works for a fracking company, and his schedule is something else! I never really know how long he will be gone or how long he will be home.

So I have some tips for when your oilfield man is home and when he is away!

7 Tips For the Oilfield Wife

  1. Distance Sucks! 
    • Keep yourself busy! Start a hobby and surround yourself with friends and family. Do about anything to make those days go by faster!
  2. Make communication important! 
    • Communication tends to be a little scarce when he’s out of town. So, when you get the opportunity to talk give him all your attention, turn off all the distractions and make it about the both of you!
  3. Laundry will be the death of you! 
    • Oh honey, just stock up on laundry detergent, and okiclean! You will have tons of gross and God knows what ever that substance is on his clothes! I recommend not using your own washing machine or dryer! Plus his clothes/uniforms will usually stink, and who wants a stink house!
  4. Find your support system!
    • You will need someone to talk to about anything, when your husband is busy. Plus somethings you don’t really want to bug him with while he’s away so it’s nice to have someone there to rant to. It’s also a good time to let your family or friends be your support system because when he is back home, it’s all about him.
  5. He is NOT your ATM!!
    • Yes he brings in a pretty good paycheck, but that does not mean you get to run out and spend every penny! Pay the bills, and set aside a savings you never know when you might need it. Don’t over spoil yourself while he is out busting his back to provide for your family.
  6. Keep your home tidy!
    • Trust me you don’t want to be scrambling to get your house sparkling clean once you get the call that he is coming home. Keep things picked up and the house in a neat order, that way when he does come home you’re not busy with the house and you have time for him. You also don’t want him coming home to a dirty house, he wants to come home to relax and enjoy his time off.
  7. It’s OK to feel relief when he goes back!
    • Things get a little more hectic when your honey comes home. Your routine gets knocked a little out of whack and sometimes plans need to be rearranged. So when he goes back to work don’t feel guilty when you know your normal without him will return.

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