3 Books to be Read Before the Movie

I know you’re probably thinking “you already gave us your March Reading List, now you’re wanting to read other books?”

Don’t worry my March reading list is still in effect, but these 3 books are definitely going to be read before I see the movie!

Which Books you ask? 

A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron 


I love dog’s, and to read a story from a dog’s many rebirths pulls at on my heart! Also, you gotta love a story told by a dog!

Book snippet: “Surprised to find himself reborn as a rambunctious golden-haired puppy after a tragically short life as a stray mutt, Bailey’s search for his new life’s meaning leads him into the loving arms of 8-year-old Ethan.” (Goodreads)


Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon 


“The greatest risk is not taking one.” Everyone needs to take at least one risk in their lives, even if it scares you. This book apparently does just that, it’s also a love story which is right up my romantic nerdy alley!

Book snippet:  “My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world.” (Goodreads)


The Zookeeper’s Wife – Diane Ackerman


Set during WWII, it pulls at the history nerd in me. Of course, there’s also animals and the fight for what you love! 

Book snippet: “To fight back on their own terms, the Żabińskis covertly begin working with the Resistance—and put into action plans to save lives out of what has become the Warsaw Ghetto, with Antonina putting herself and even her children at great risk.” (Goodreads)


Why I chose these 3!

Previews I’ve Seen

I have seen all but one movie preview for these books. The first preview I saw was for A Dog’s Purpose, and immediately I was like I have to see this. I looked it up to see if there was any other movie news about it, and in my search, I found there was a book. Being me I always want to read the book before I even see a piece of the movie! The other preview I saw was for Everything, Everything, and I could not imagine staying indoors at all times. From the preview the girl never stepped foot outside! Then a boy moves in next door and hello love story! Romantic me was all over this movie, and then I found out it was based on a book!

Preview I Haven’t Seen

I haven’t seen a preview for The Zookeeper’s Wife, but I found out about it from Google. I was searching “books that will be movies in 2017,” and this one popped up on a list. Off to Goodreads I went, I read the book blurb and knew this was a book for me. Anything with history has me bouncing like a kid in a candy store.  

So take your pick, you get dog’s, risks for love, and history! 

What books do you want to read before you see the movie?

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