Day 3: Try Something New

My try something new was posting something that made me nervous and stepping out of my comfort zone. So, here is my short story and my try something new! 

Fisher and His New Best Friend

Fisher watched all the Red Robin’s fly around, and he wanted to catch one. He didn’t want to eat one, he just wanted to play with one. Hopper was just too big to play with sometimes, and he needed a smaller friend.

So he sat and watched the Robins fly around, he tried to catch one but he was just too short. I mean he was a Corgi/Weenie dog mix, so his legs weren’t going to get him very far. Maybe if he could get one to land, he could talk to it and get it to play with him. Instead, he decided to try to jump up towards the trees, to catch himself a bird. Fisher didn’t get very far. As far as Dorgie’s go he was pretty determined. He tried so hard to jump high enough to reach the tree branch this particular bird was sitting on. Finally, the bird notice Fisher was not going to give up, so he flew down to Fisher’s level.

“Hi, you do know you weren’t gonna reach that branch right?”

Fisher was so excited he ran circles around the bird! “You wanna play?” “Come on let’s play!” Fisher was so excited, he was so ready to play with a new friend, that wasn’t his 52-pound brother.

“Sure, what do you want to play?” Asked the bird.

“How about tag??”

“Sure let’s play!” answered the bird.

“Wait what’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Skittles.”

So, Fisher and Skittles spent the day playing tag and watching the clouds pass by. They were quickly becoming best friends. Fisher knew it was almost time for dinner, and his human would be calling for him soon. He didn’t want the day to end, so he asked his human momma if Skittles could join him for dinner. Of course, his momma was cool, and she said yes!

Dinner Time!

Fisher had no idea what to feed Skittles. Luckily his human momma had this stuff called bird seed, and Skittles loved it! Dinner was so much fun, Skittles and Fisher learned a lot about each other, while they ate. They weren’t ready for the day to end, but Skittles needed to get home before his mom started to worry. Fisher wanted to know if Skittles would come back and play again, so before Skittles left he asked him,

“Will you come back and play again?” Fisher asked.

“Yeah! You’re my best friend now!” chirped Skittles!

So Fisher finally got a new best friend that wouldn’t trample him when they played together. He also learned that Skittles was really good at sneaking snacks since he could fly so fast. These two would be best friends forever!



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