Day 5: Crank Up the Music!

Hey Nerdy Peeps! 

We are knocking this Fighting Depression Challenge out of the park!

Dancing and Singing in the Car

Today I decided, that on my way to work I would crank up the tunes, dance, and sing on my way to work. Don’t worry I was safe. Aside from books, music always helps to brighten my mood. I’m just driving along the morning and one of my favorite songs comes on, and I belted it. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys, always helps me realize I am a strong-willed and beautiful woman. I can do anything I set my mind to, and that’s just what I needed today. Did I get funny looks as I was driving? You bet I did! Did I care? Haha nope!

I guess a girl in a blue car, dancing and singing looked funny to people because I got some laughs to. Those laughs also helped my mood! I am happy today! I switched the station over to my favorite genre of music, and that’s when the dancing really started!

Country Girl Loves Her Country Music

I danced and sang to every song that played on the radio. I didn’t have a care in the world if anyone could see how ridiculous I looked, I was having fun. You could see me laughing and smiling, and the music took away all the stress I was holding in. I made it to work in one piece and I couldn’t help but smile. Life was gonna be just fine, and my reality just needed to sit back and take a break.



I have a full-time job, where I work 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and thank the Lord for headphones and smartphones because I am pretty sure without music I would lose it. I can’t really sit and read at, nothing would get done, and I would get in lots of trouble. So music helps to keep me sane at work, along with an occasional audio book. My job isn’t hard and it isn’t that stressful, but I work in the oilfield industry, so I put up with men on a daily basis. They drive me crazy, so music, dancing, and singing is a must for me most days after work.



So what songs did you dance and sing to today? Also, let me know what helps you escape reality. Even if you have to crank up those tunes while doing house work, make the best of it and dance! It’s also a great workout.

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