10 Unknown Facts About Me!

Get to know me!!


  1. I love sticky notes!! 
    • I use them for everything! My computer monitor is covered in them! 10-facts-stickynotes
  2. I wanted to be a Veterinarian
    • Animals are one of my biggest passions. Everyone comes to me with all their animal related questions!
  3. I am addicted to Beauty YouTube channels!
    • You can ask my husband! If I’m not reading or working on another project, you can find me watching makeup reviews, tutorials, or anything beauty related!
  4. My favorite color is PURPLE
    • Yes I know my page is pink, but I love PURPLE!purple-balloons
  5. I am 100% a Country Girl!
    • I used to live in a town with a little over 700 people! Now I live in a town with a little over 90,000 people! I miss dirt roads!
  6. I am writing a children’s book!! 
    • That’s all I’m spilling for now!
  7. I’m a big fan of dirt track racing!
    • I love the little sprint cars!
    • Fun Fact: they can finish one lap in about 12 seconds!dirt-track-racing
  8. I suck at math!
    • That is why I always chose writing and reading over numbers! 
  9. I don’t display a lot of my books! 
    • GASP! I know what kind of book nerd doesn’t display her books!
  10. I also have 4 tattoos! 
    • Each one has a very special meaning to me and I have two more planned!


What else would you like to know about me? 

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